Free Forex Money – Forex Trading Without Capital

Generally, if you want to make money from forex trading, then you have to spend money first to be used as trading capital. Then by trading using this capital, you will get a profit. But, maybe many don’t know, forex trading can be done without spending a penny of capital and even providing free Forex money, see how here!

Learn Forex Trading For Free

Before jumping into the world of forex trading, you should first learn. To learn forex trading can be done for free. Many articles on the internet can be read, for example, Learning Forex For Beginners and About the best affiliate programs.

Open Forex Demo Account

Next, you need to open a demo account to learn forex trading practices. All forex brokers generally provide a demo account that can be used for free. Sharpen your trading techniques and strategies here. With a demo account, you can learn to trade using virtual money.

Enter Demo Account Trading Contest

After you have mastered trading techniques and strategies using a demo account, then enter a trading contest using a demo account. Some forex brokers often hold trading contests like this, and interestingly the prizes are real money. If you get the prize, then the real money can be yours and can be used for personal trading capital. Only here you have to be good at trading because the contest has many competitors, and only the best can win. Tips: search on Google with keywords: “forex demo account contest competition”

Open a real account at a broker that provides real money bonuses

Another way to get free real money capital (free Forex money) is to open a real account at a broker that provides real money bonuses without you needing to deposit funds first. The real money bonuses are usually small. Some are only $10. There are also those up to $100. It’s small, but if you are good at trading forex, then small money can grow again. But keep in mind that usually, the brokers who provide bonus money without the need for a deposit are petty. So the potential for scams in the future may be quite large, caution is advised. Tips: search on Google with keywords: “forex no deposit bonus”

So with the various ways above, you can trade forex without the need to spend a dime of capital. It may take a long time to increase the small capital to many times with trading. But if you do have forex trading skills, this can happen.

But in my opinion, if you want to be serious about being a forex trader in the long term, then you should open a forex account at a bona fide broker and deposit enough funds. Mentally, it will be different to use money from your wallet compared to the bonus money provided by the broker. Usually, your Trading Psychology will be better this way.