Advantages of at-home paternity testing

Advantages of at-home paternity testing

Whether you have doubts about your paternity or have come across someone who could be your father, the best place to find out the truth is in the privacy of your own home. Thanks to at home paternity testing, anyone can find out if they are someone else’s father or child from their own home and with the same reliability as tests performed in laboratories. Laboratories analyze DNA in the same way they do in-house testing. You receive a home DNA testing kit that includes everything you need to take the samples, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. After you collect these samples; you must send them to the laboratory address and wait about four days for the results. You are the one who takes the samples at home. Don’t worry, because the process is super simple and only requires saliva.

Paternity tests do not work like pregnancy tests

Companies designed a pregnancy test to detect certain hormones in the urine to determine whether a woman is pregnant. Men cannot do this with a paternity test, as you need to compare the DNA of the people to detect if there is a biological connection. For this reason, these kits only take the samples and a laboratory performs the analysis. They can only evaluate the DNA chain using high-tech machines. It is important to emphasize that you take the DNA samples correctly. For example, if you collect the sample from a man who is not the alleged father, the result will likely be negative. As these are saliva samples, be sure you have not consumed alcohol or smoked before taking them because you could damage the sample-collecting process, and you will have to buy another kit.

An at-home test has no legal validity

If you want to obtain parental rights or require child support, this test is not for you. At-home paternity testing intends to provide information and nothing more. People cannot use the results in any legal proceeding for paternity rights, child support, nationality, et cetera. But, if this test is not legal, what good is it for you? The results help you make sounder decisions. For example, if you have doubts about being the father of a baby, you have the test, and once you get the results, you decide. This type of test is helpful for couples who are mature enough to solve their problems without the need to take them to court. Be careful to buy the correct test to perform at home, as the laboratory website will offer you both.