Wooden floors nestárnou

Wooden floors nestárnouQuality wooden flooring is not the cheapest thing, your investment, but it definitely will not regret it. To select wood floors speaks a number of its positive attributes. Users agree mainly on the following points:

Wood creates the room a pleasant feeling of warmth and original artwork with natural neokouká.

Wood is an excellent insulator – at the same thickness of material recovered 15 times better than concrete and thus reduce your energy costs. In addition it brings warmth right from the feet.

Wooden flooring is easy to maintain, is resistant to dust and mold and thus suitable for allergy sufferers.

When using special recommended products, its durability counts for decades.

Easy renovations even extend the life of your floor and even a few times. Proof floors are over a hundred years old.

If you get tired you tint your wood floors, you can change it using special stains and varnishes.

Wooden floors saves your joints because only minimal flexing.

Wooden floors are environmentally friendly – their manufacture and eventual disposal are fully organic.

The types of wood floors

There are four basic types of wooden floors to choose from:

Parquet – In this type of wood flooring wear layer is organized into different patterns. Parquet floors are connected by tongue and groove, or are considered to blunt meeting. Parquet is possible to renovate several times, which gives them an extremely long life.

Wooden flooring – wooden flooring is a popular and elegant solution that is slightly more vulnerable and more expensive than conventional flooring. Higher initial investment will be returned, however, thanks to the simple restoration of the floor, which in turn increases several times its life. Floating floors composed of multiple layers provide more stability and can be put under them and underfloor heating. You can choose from many colors and wood decors.

Laminate flooring – hardwood floors Cheaper option when wood is replaced with laminate wood effect. The laminate consists of three layers – laminate, the support and stabilization. The quality of the laminate flooring reflects mainly the intermediate support layer, which should have a thickness of at least 8 mm. Such flooring is stable and can withstand high loads and you do not have to worry about her early wear. Laminate offers a diverse range of decors and simple installation, when the locks of the individual components simply click into each other.

Wooden plank floor – is the oldest type of wooden floors. The quality of the floor boards, you may encounter especially in older buildings, on farms or in cottages. Plank flooring gives the interior completely unique style, which fully respects the rustic character of the building.

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