Witex laminate floorings for traditional, modern and extravagant daring to interiors

Witex laminate floorings for traditional, modern and extravagant daring to interiorsThe company Kratochvíl parket profi, the leading Czech importer and distributor of flooring significantly expanded its range of laminate covering Witex and is now 15 collections of attractive laminate flooring from the same German manufacturer. Individual characteristically distinct series – Trend, Cusual Living, Premium and Design – harga lantai kayu jakarta include collections that will satisfy the demanding requirements of traditional, modern and extravagant interior.

A common feature of partial collections, in addition to consideration for the environment and sustainable development and superior technological adjustments and utility coverings also a lifetime warranty on locking connection and product stability. Of the more than 80 decors represented in various collections so you can choose not only in showrooms and business partners of the company KPP, but also in specialized retail stores network 1 FLOOR.

Witex laminate floorings are characterized by a series of technical innovations and gadgets are appreciated especially by users themselves. Coatings are characterized by increased protection against moisture, they are impregnated edges and specially protected carrier fibreboard against swelling. The patented locking joint LocTec turn, facilitates the installation and any creaking noises as they are thanks to the perfect precision and tightness of joints mere thing of the past. Witex laminate floorings enable laying over underfloor heating and are compatible with one of the special pads underlying Sound-Protect Eco, with which the impact noise and clatter from the floor up, and suppressed the production of which also have minimal impact on the environment. Selected collections you can meet with antistatic surface with improved resistance coatings in the form of DPL + film (special resin layer is placed under the decorative paper that covering strengthens and increases its resistance to a class load), the structured surface design tiles or natural wood or perhaps the so-called. “V” grooves which confer novel design covering. The coverings manufacturer also offers the skirting boards in different designs, transition rails and other accessories to achieve perfection in details. Diversity at WITEX found not only in their own designs, structures and modify the surface but also in the size of individual lamellae are interesting example. Formats square tiles with decorations at Casa Collection, a collection of Xenia wide vanes or blades format XXL collection of Color +.

Quality structure with laminated coverings Witex basis

Laminate floorings from WITEX consist of three basic layers. Resistant top layer made of melamine resin covering protects against mechanical damage. The surface texture of this layer varies according to the individual collections, some offer a matte finish, others smooth to shiny, another imitation hand škrábaného surface or a more subtle texture of wood fibers. The next layer consists of resin impregnated decor paper with one of the countless decors trees, paving and fictional models. The carrier plate presents different groomed fiberboard, high density HDF, you can meet with these types: Aqua-Protect® (maximum protection against moisture) HDF Protect® (increased protection against moisture) HDF board FSC-certified Aqua-Protect® board. (HDF with a maximum protection against moisture and certified forestry FSC). With special upper wear layer X-Protect® (several resin layers pressed together under the action of high pressure HPL) is then meet at a premium collection Color +. All collections meet the highest level of the load boards for private use labeled value of 23 and a number of the collections also provides load classes 32-33 for commercial use.

  1. Practical, durable and diverse range TREND

Among the “trendy” collection manufacturer ranked 12 decors BONITA, 6 ARTRIA decors and 12 decors press. Fresh and conventional decors of these collections with different textured surfaces provide motifs and patterns of trees reminiscent of a linoleum or tiles. Especially in gray and beige decorated extravagant decorations from the collection ARTRIA offer the possibility to combine different patterns and create your floor interesting and original designs. Unusual discs in this collection with a class load 23/31 carrier plate HDF Protect® stand out and serve in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and dining room.

  1. Waterproof Collection series CUSUAL LIVING for versatile use

In a series of “CUSUAL LIVING” You can choose from 24 decors Maren and collections of CATANIA V4, V4 AVERT, NOVARA V2 and V2 Amaris, which are among other interesting example. Called. “V” grooves on the slats. Some offer “V” groove on all four edges, while others only two compartments, however, both versions supply covering interesting flair. If we look closer eg. A collection NOVARA V2, we can be found in the 6 inviting décor of woods and extra long and narrow format plates. Matt surface coverings enhances the texture of the wood combined with imitation of hand scraping. Slats dimensions 1376 mm x 156 mm and a loading class 23/32 are equipped with antistatic surface and waterproof supporting plate Aqua-Protect®, which reduces maintenance requirements. Spilled juice on the floor can withstand is better than conventional laminate flooring with untreated and non-impregnated carrier plate edges.

III. In many go PREMIUM quality, emphasis on ecology and innovative design go hand in hand

Special, or if you want premium, then a collection of manufacturers ranked in the series “Premium”. In addition to 6 decors Marena Maxi V2 12 decors XENIA, 6 decors GRANDE s really “grande” plank dimensions or 12 decors original collection PIAZZA find interesting patterns in the collection of 6 CASA V4. Collection CASA V4 includes a square plank format with dimensions of 396 x 396 mm with a finish reminiscent of the tile and the “V” grooves on all four sides. In the menu, choose lovers of light and dark shades. A class load 23/32 covering without problems persist in heavily used rooms in your house as well as eg. In the offices.

  1. DESIGN range includes laminate floorings extra class with an impressive gloss

Collection COLOR COLOR + with unusual design evoking the feel of tiles and extravagant design in gloss or matt decent bringing high quality, uniqueness and modernity. Collection COLOR 5 monochrome decors and plank dimensions 823 x 329 mm have to accentuate their appearance highlighted edges microfiber and subtle bevel. The latter, COLOR + collection includes plates XXL format 1488 x 293 mm and is equipped with the aforementioned special coating X-Protect®. Coverings from both collections are waterproof thanks to the support plate Aqua-Protect® ideal wet room kitchens and bathrooms.

All the above collection of laminate Witex coverings are either in stock or on order available for individual trading partners Kratochvil parquet professional and specialist retail outlets network floor coverings 1 FLOOR.

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