Windows for garage

Windows for garageSuitable for any type of box, the side sectional doors are indispensable when it can not exploit the ceiling space.

When you do not want to lose space or in front of or behind the garage door and even in the height and the width of passage, the solution is a side sectional door. These models are made with individual panels assembled together that slide laterally along the wall going to form a sort of arc. They are therefore suitable to any form of parking garage and provide a solution also in all those cases in which the traditional ceiling door can not be supported or fixed to the ceiling, for example for constructional reasons due to exhaust pipes or the slope of the roof. This type of window includes both on land and on the ceiling the presence of some guides in which slide the profiles of the doors to enable the movement of opening and closing of the door. Motorized, they can easily be managed by remote control and also only partially open for the passage of persons or property; in some models powered pedestrian opening can be adjusted individually. That is, when you operate the aperture, the door opens to the preset position; the gap is closed, after the new activation, returning the original planning. Available in different sizes, exist in a wide range of reasons, finishes and colors, with handles and any windows for the upper part, so as to better adapt to the aesthetics of the facade and of the remaining doors of the house.

It is made of vertical panels on the side of Hörmann sectional doors HST with trolling motor. The movement is quiet due to the double sliding wheels at the top and to the sliding guide at the bottom that is not embedded in the floor, but just supported: in this way is much easier to clean and the water can flow without difficulty. It can also be opened only partially so as to move people or things. It is equipped with a mechanical anti-slip and locking device on the side of the lock. Price quote.

The polyurethane foam panels in the side of Hörmann sectional doors HST with trolling motors provide excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing. Ribbed L, M or lacunar in woodgrain finishes, Silkgrain, Micrograin or Decograin Golden Oak, is available as standard in traffic white colors and in 15 preferred colors. The shape of all the door sections ensures perfect interior and exterior finger protection. It is also equipped with two automatic shut-off on both opening and closing. The panels have a thickness of 4.2 cm. Maximum size L 650 x H 300 cm. Price quote.

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