Wash your hair with hot water

Wash your hair with hot water

Branched hair is a supplementary problem experienced by the majority of those who have dry hair types. If this is the problem you’re facing, then you fall into the right article. Because I will deliver a variety of ways to overcome split ends that I know, of course, which has been proven to be 100% can help eliminate split ends quickly.

Like various other hair care tips I’ve mentioned in this blog Tips Magz Indonesia, this time I also put more emphasis on natural ways that pastiya safe for your hair.

But before we do the subject of how to eliminate split ends, it helps you know what are the things that can make our hair becomes cracked or branched. This is very important so that you can choose the best method to handle it with ease.

Causes of Hair Branching:
Too frequent hair washing
Hair too much exposure to the sun’s heat, dust, and pollution
Overuse of styling tools like a vise (for atapun curl straightening)
Overdo the use of hair styling products such as gels, serum or hairspray
Wash your hair with hot water
Using low quality comb, pin, and headband
Less routine maintenance such as trimming hair
Overuse of chemical based products such as hair polish, etc.
Not oiling the hair properly
Too often exposed to chlorine-tainted water (such as water in the pool)
1. Rinse eggs
The first way is to use the egg rinsing.

To make it you need 1 ounce of fresh rosemary flowers, enough hot water, and 1 egg.

Soak rosemary in hot water about 20 minutes, then strain to take water only, leave to cool. Once cool, put the eggs and mix well. Pour on the hair with a massage, let a few moments, then you can wash as usual.

2. Papaya Mask
The second way to overcome the split ends is to use a hair mask of papaya fruit. All you need of course the papaya fruit – to be really mature, and moderation within the length of your hair.

First crush papaya with a mixer / blender, put half a cup of plain yogurt (plain yogurt), then blend again until completely blended. Apply the mask evenly to the hair with a massage, let stand for 30 minutes or so, then rinse your hair with plain water.

3. Oil Conditioner from Distance
Castor oil has many uses. And in relation to the treatment of split ends, you can mix it with olive oil, then apply on hair evenly. Wrap your hair with a towel and let stand for 30 minutes. After that you can wash as usual.

4. Honey
Honey is excellent when used as a home care to cope with hair dry and cracked. Usefulness will be multiplied if you mix it with whey (a type of traditional yogurt made from buffalo milk – is very common in some parts of Indonesia).

You just need to mix half a cup of buttermilk with 1 tablespoon honey, and then apply evenly to your hair, target the ends of your hair first. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse clean just by using water only. This method also will make your hair look shiny and pretty!

5. Warm Olive Oil
If ever before used as a mixture of olive oil, this time only a special use only olive oil to remove your split ends.

First, pour the olive oil to taste in the glass, then soak in a cup of hot water for a minute. If it is warm enough oil, and apply it evenly on your dry hair with a massage. Then wrap your hair with a towel or shower cap, leave for 30 minutes, then you can wash as usual.

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