Walleye Fishing At Night


Looking for walleye around evening time can be exceptionally energizing and disappointing in the meantime. I for one would rather angle amid the light hours, however there are some times when it can pay off big time to target walleye during the evening. Most walleye fishermen realize that these fish see well amid low-light conditions and the fish effectively encourage at a young hour in the morning late at night and for the duration of the night.

On a trek a year ago to Eagle River, Wisconsin, I had some achievement angling during the evening for walleye. I could angle everywhere on a pack of lakes on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and I got a great deal of fish amid the daytime, however one night, I made a beeline for a point that had angle everywhere in more profound water. I chose to return to this spot 30 minutes before sunset arrived. I needed to be in my spot angling when it got dim and I planned everything impeccably. There were a lot of fish in the profundities of 16 to 20 feet of water, yet none on the diagram in the 8 to 12 feet of water than I wanted to angle. In the wake of throwing the more profound water for 15 to 20 minutes with no outcomes, I chose to cast a crankbait in the shallow territory again and again. I more likely than not cast to precisely the same 40 to 50 times in succession without getting a nibble, however I needed to give this recognize a reasonable chance and I had an inclination that these fish would move shallow to bolster when it got to be dim. Out of the blue, in the wake of making a cast to the same careful spot, I felt a strike. I set the snare and got a 18 inch walleye. The intriguing thing is that I got this fish when it got dim. After another 15 to 20 throws in the same definite spot, I got 6 pleasant walleye somewhere around 15 and 20 inches on a crankbait. I lost 3 or 4 too in this time period and afterward out of the blue the nibble simply halted.

The walleye moved in so substantial so quick and it began around evening time. My tip to you would be to attempt this accurate strategy in territories that have fish holding in more profound water close to some focuses. Focuses that have a lofty dropoff appear to deliver better results. It’s astonishing how quick the fish turned on and killed.

There are numerous different fishermen that catch a lot of walleye for the duration of the night in the shallows. Crankbaits that take after a roost is all you ought to need to get these dynamic fish. For me, I am not a major aficionado of angling during the evening for a couple of hours. I would rather get a specific detect that I know has a lot of fish holding more profound in light of the fact that these fish are going to come shallow and I realize that when they turn on, I can get a point of confinement inside minutes.

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Article gave by Kevin Sewell at Ultimate Fishing Site

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