Various Types of Plant Medicine And Usefulness 2

4. sambiloto

Bitter (Andrographis paniculata), is a kind of herbaceous plants of herbal murah the family Acanthaceae, which originated from India and Sri Lanka. Sambiloto also occur in other regions, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, as well as some places in the Americas. Andrographis genus has 28 species of herbaceous, but few medical efficacious, one of which is Andrographis paniculata (bitter). Many bitter leaf contains compounds Andrographolide, which is a bicyclic diterpenoid lactone compound. Chemical compounds taste bitter was first isolated by Gorter in 1911. Andrographolide has properties to protect the liver (hepatoprotective), and proved to be able to protect the liver from the negative effects of galactosamine and paracetamol. These properties are closely related to the activity of certain metabolic enzymes. Bitter has long been known to have medical properties. Ayurveda is one of the ancient Indian system of medicine which includes bitter as a medical herb, which is called by the name bitter Kalmegh on Ayurveda. Besides efficacious protect the liver, bitter also can suppress the growth of cancer cells. This is because the active compound, ie Andrographolide, lowering the expression of the enzyme CDK4 (cyclin dependent kinase 4).

5. Handeuleum


Handeuleum (Graptopthyllum pictum [L.] Griff) Efficacy and ways of treatment: Hemorrhoids: 10 g of fresh leaves handeuleum washed and boiled in 2 cups of water until the water remaining 1 cup. Once cool, strain and drink boiled water in the morning and afternoon each ½ cup. Bruising: bark cleaned and finely ground and then massaged and wrapped with a bandage on the area bruises. Change 2 times a day. Constipation: washing 7 leaves and boiled with 2 cups water to 1 cup. Once cool, strain and drink as well.



Bulbs ginger oleoresin contains compounds known as gingerol which act as antioxidants. Nature is what makes ginger touted antiaging useful as bioactive components. Ginger bioactive components may serve to protect the fat / membranes from oxidation, inhibiting the oxidation of cholesterol, and boost immunity. Benefits of ginger which has traditionally been known is as follows: Common Cold Remedy: Take the old ginger thumb-sized, washed and crushed and boiled with two cups of water, add brown sugar to taste. Simmer approximately 1/4 hour. Lift and drink warm.Headache or migraine (headaches) Remedy: Take a thumb ginger, roasted and then crushed. Brewed with a glass of water and give a little palm sugar, drink once. Drink three times a day. Prevent motion sickness Remedy: Take a thumb ginger, wash and thinly sliced, then boiled with a glass of water. Warm drink before boarding the vehicle. Sprains Remedy: Take ginger approximately two segments. Rinse and then grate, add a little salt. Apply this mixture on a sprained limbs. Do it twice a day.

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