Unique Culinary Effort Required You Taste When Ke Banjarmasin

Culinary efforts – Variety typical cuisine in each region Indonesia is endless, always had a special attraction. Similarly, in London, there are various types of typical food attractive to taste. Therefore, we will share a bit of information about culinary mandatory when you try to visit this city.
Soto Banjar
culinary venture
Soto food is very popular, but each has daaerah Soto with his trademark respectively. In Banjarmasin, Soto is in the form of white rice cake into small pieces and then added with a rich sauce spices Soto. It is very tempting to be sampled because it tastes delicious, especially if added with the lime juice and added with satay typical Banjarmasin. Many people who make Soto as a food business so the menu this one is pretty easy. Well … if you’re visiting here, then do not miss to feel jual kaos skate the pleasure of Soto Banjar.
Gangan is the name for the typical vegetable dishes banjar berkuah. If your place of business to a unique culinary Banjar Rumah Makan example, it will often be found a variety of vegetable dishes berkuah used as a complement to the current meal. Gangan in Banjarmasin various kinds, such as gangan pumpkin (pumpkin), gangan taro, gangan acid, gangan humbut, etc.
culinary venture
Mandai is usually encountered when the jack fruit season. In Banjarmasin, leather jack is not thrown away but is processed into a scrumptious meal. Cemedak skin texture is almost like bacon makes Mandai can be used as a substitute for a side dish. How to make it pretty easy, once the skin in jack fruit is separated with the outer skin, then cut into small pieces, then fried with spices. Mandai uncooked, can be stored for a long time if soaked in salt water, it is widely used by citizens to the culinary business.
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A typical cake Banjar very famous, many people are making a culinary business, especially during the fasting month. Bingka the broad range of types depending on its main ingredients, such as potatoes bingka, bingka fermented (tape), bingka berandam is eaten with a sauce of sugar. Bingka usually presented in the form of interest, this is due to the mold / pan you used to create bingka shaped flowers. It was a sweet will shake your tongue. Very fitting eaten during fasting.
Sate Banjar
The hallmark of the Sate Banjar is saosnya, if most people only serves to spread satay sauce, then in Banjarmasin served with peanut sauce that has been cooked. Satay chicken or goat combined with spread peanut sauce plus red onion slices were able to make so increased appetite. Usually satay sold with cake and soup menu banjo.
Tarap fruit is a fruit typical of Borneo, the fruit is used the banjo to be processed as food. Almost similar to the mandai, tarap can also be preserved by soaking it in salt water. To be enjoyed with rice, can be directly fried or dioseng with spices. Tarap many culinary efforts made by the public so easy to find people who are selling tarap market.

Well … if you are curious to taste the specialties of Banjarmasin? Take your time to enjoy the wealth of culinary in Indonesia during a visit to the area or out of town. It will be an interesting experience for you.
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