Types of beautiful orchid flower

Types of beautiful orchid flower

Orchid is a plant that has the most types. Types of beautiful orchid flower is one of them is in an orchid flower orchid plant is much preferred by most Indonesian people, especially women, we have a large collection of pictures and photo Orchid flowers for additional references and a wide collection of rare kinds of orchids you. It is not impossible if more people are figuring out how to grow the orchid flower. This is because the flowers or herbs Orchid is one of ornamental plants suitable display both inside and outside the home and are suitable to the climate in Indonesia.

There are different types of orchids that even immortalized as photos and drawings and paintings of the most beautiful orchids. The series of types of orchids diataranya black orchid, orchid purple, red orchids, tiger orchids, orchids, orchids Papua and still many other varieties of orchids, because orchids are plants that are very suitable for life in the tropics.

Justify orchids can be grown in the house? Of course orchid cultivation can be done in an enclosed space, ie the plant in the pot, and the pot is placed in the home. Is not orchid plant is a plant that must be exposed to the sun? Yes, one of the requirements and how to care for orchids flowering plants are placed in a place exposed to the sun. However, please be aware that there are tips on caring for orchids flower. Within these tips, there is one point which indirectly could make orchids placed in the home as long as there is light plants nearby.
Here are tips on caring for orchids in the home.

Placing orchids in a place exposed to sunlight naturally but should not be too hot
The point where the ideal is put in place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Buying the room lights.
It is intended as a planter to put orchids in the room and prevent the orchids in the house no shortage of light.

Keeping orchids keep it moist
As tropical plants, orchids need to be kept moist.

Planting Orchids in pots smaller
This is because the roots of orchids are delicate and need a pot with a smaller size in order to freely develop.

For plants, orchids also require fertilizer. Use a special fertilizer for orchids and tropical plants or fertilizer for.

These five points are the tips on caring for orchids. Of course there are important things before someone does it. One step before care is knowing how to grow orchids. Womenfolk especially lovers of orchids it would need to know this. Why? It is caused usually more satisfied to have plants that are planted itself rather than buy or planted by gardeners.

So how exactly how to plant the orchids? There are two styles of growing plants, these orchids. Both of these styles are planted in pots or taped. Both of these styles is not a strange thing because orchids are ornamental plants. Here is how to plant each style.

Planting in pots
Selection pot
Which have good pot of potting soil or pots are plastic.

Poles for anchoring rod plant
As the plant is spreading, it is necessary pillar to support it. In addition, the function of making the pole also to maintain and establish orchids in accordance with the wishes of the grower.

Growing media
Planting medium suitable for growing orchids, namely; wood charcoal, bits of ferns, coal or tile fragments, and pieces of coconut husk.

Planting with taped
This cropping style is easier than planting in pots. No need for the media to grow with style affixed. The medium is directly or boards trees and painting. In addition, better if the orchids were selected in an outboard style orchids that have a stem is not too long.

Is not it convenient how to grow orchids? Of course, neither the style nor the taped grown in pots, in fact, grow orchids is not difficult. Everyone, especially women can try. If it is successful with how to plant, do tips on caring for orchids that plants grow and develop properly.

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