Type Fabric For Parka Jacket

Lots of friends who ask to me material or fabric that is usually used to create a parka. therefore I now make an article about the materials they use to make a parka. yes without any great length, the material is in use parka usually are:

Type Fabric For Parka Jacket

Canvas fabrics
canvas is still a lot to enjoy doing today by makers parka, besides the material has good fiber canvas materials tend to be more powerful and can make parka looks more frightening. canvas material itself is usually used to make army parka.

cotton Tweel
Tweel cotton fiber is a material that has a very smooth compared with a canvas cloth. This fabric is made parka looks elegant. cotton Tweel himself more comfortable in use because it is more soft and not stiff.

Cain taslan
almost equal to the parasitic fabric, the fabric of this type can be waterproof in because polyster contained on this cloth very much.

it was some kind of fabric like used for the manufacture of jaket parka. for friends who want to explore the making parka of other materials it is even better, because if you have a character of a jacket that you created in situ buyers would definitely know where you made the original parka or pirated. so you yourself can keep you from pirated products.

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