Tremendous Red Asian Arowana – Scleropages Formosus

Widespread decide: Nice Red Asian Arowana, Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish, and Asian Bonytongue

Scientific decide: Scleropages Formosus

Widespread Grownup Fish Measurement: 36 inches / 90 cm

Place of Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia

Typical Tank setup: A variety of swimming house is vital. Adorn with rock work, bogwood/driftwood and durable vegetation. An agitated Asian Arowana may uproot crops with poor root methods.

Really helpful Minimal Aquarium Performance: 55 gallon / 220 litre for juveniles, nonetheless a really grown grownup will want an aquarium that’s 250 gallon / 1000 litre or bigger.

Compatibility: 6 or additional juveniles might be saved collectively, nonetheless 10 or additional is best. The equal with adults, nonetheless this typically is a raffle as some adults don’t tolerate others of their very private choice correctly. Beside sustaining them in schools they need to be saved with peaceable to reasonably aggressive fish that will not be eaten and that won’t harass the Arowana.

Temperature: 75 – 86 Deg F / 24 – 30 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH – 7.7

Feeding: Juveniles will readily eat small fish, tadpoles, reside brine shrimp, reside brown worms, small earthworms and completely completely different dwell meals, however should be educated to simply accept pellets, sticks, chunk of frozen meals, chopped and complete market shrimp, and utterly totally different meaty meals. It isn’t solely low cost to feed an Asian Arowana ready meals instead of feeder fish, nonetheless it’s also additional healthful for it too.

Sexing: There are evaluation that correlate head dimension to gender which are 70% proper

Breeding: Asian Arowanas are mouthbrooders and are readily bred in massive ponds, however hardly in aquariums.

Additional Data: It’s important that the aquarium has an excellent turning into and secured lid that’s terribly robust. Arownas are avid jumpers and may merely knock a heavy glass lid onto the underside! Many an Arowana has been misplaced this development. They don’t tolerate poor water high quality, so implausible filtration together with frequent partial water modifications of 25% or additional is required to maintain up nitrates low.

Their tank needs to be positioned in low web site company areas to handle the Arowana from getting frightened by sudden actions. Sudden actions spherical their aquarium have to be prevented. Lighting should ideally be dimmed as a substitute of instantly turning it on or off. A scared or agitated Arowana can merely injure itself.

Asian Arowana variants embrace Cross As soon as extra Golden, Nice Crimson, Crimson Tail, Golden, and Inexperienced Arowana. The Cross As soon as extra Golden Asian Arowana originates in West Malaysia. These are all through the very best demand, as a result of it is believed they carry extra success. Cross As soon as extra Golden Asian Arowana have been often called Pahang Gold, Malayan Bonytongue, Bukit Merah Blue, Taiping Golden and the Malaysian Gold. They’re fairly uncommon and the demand is frequently excessive which brings the costs of those fish as quite a bit as excessive ranges. Cross-As soon as extra fins could very properly be present in a number of shade types to love Reds, Blues, Pink, different Gold, Inexperienced, and Silver.

The Massive Crimson Asian Arowana originated in Indonesia (Western Kalimantan Province). They might primarily be discovered all through the waters of Lake Sentarum and the River Kapuas, and are considered one of many important widespread Asian Arowana ensuing from their lovely Crimson colours. Giant Red Asian Arowana is much extra widespread than the Cross As soon as extra Golden Asian Arowana. There are four types of crimson Arowana, Blood Crimson, Super Red Arowana, Orange Pink, Chili Pink, and Golden Pink Arowana. The crimson colour is first seen all through the fins in youthful specimens and progressively strikes onto their full physique as they mature.

The Crimson Tail Golden Asian Arowana is present in Indonesia (Pekan Baru). They’re extra frequent and extra pretty priced than Cross-As soon as extra Gold Asian Arowana since they’re further considerable contained in the wild, together with the fact that they are not as “Gold” because of the Cross-As soon as extra Golden Asian Arowana. They’re furthermore significantly further aggressive Cross-As soon as extra Golden Arowana which they in another case have quite a few the identical traits as.

The Inexperienced Tail Asian Arowana is usually present in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia. On account of huge security, there’s typically fairly a bit further distinction in these than in quite a few Asian Arowana. Most are grayish inexperienced, and have a head that’s higher and rounder then fully completely different varieties.

Asian Arowanas are thought-about an endangered species contained in the wild and are listed on CITES. Fish which could possibly be bought are sometimes not wild caught fish, however fish which can be born and raised on fish farms, predominantly in Asia. Most are microchipped and embrace authentication papers that state the place the fish was born and raised and that it has been microchipped.

They don’t seem to be permitted to deal with or import into the U.S., together with one different worldwide nations, attributable to their CITES itemizing. Have a look at the licensed ideas in your home earlier than making an attempt to buy an Asian Arowana.

Red Asian Arowana is one totally different frequent number of Asian Arowanas offered in Malaysia. The nation of origin for the Pink Asian Arowana is Indonesia. Due to the economic captive breeding, this species is now being broadly breed and offered in Malaysia.

4 elementary color variants are Nice Crimson, Chili Crimson, Orange Crimson and Blood Crimson. When rising into mature, the opercula, lateral scales and fin membranes of the fish turns into metallic crimson. The redder the weather present, the extra mature of the fish is.

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