Travel destination that must be visited in Lombok

Travel destination that must be visited in LombokTravel destination that must be visited in Lombok

Island located in eastern Indonesia has the charm of the natural beauty that is not much different from the island of Bali which has long been famous tourist destinations paket wisata bali murah. Tourist attractions in Lombok there are a wide variety ranging from the coast, the mountains, the dyke, the traditional village until the royal tour seleparang history and cultural tourism are very thick and preserved until now. In this article we will invite you rotate memory admin experience the wonderful experience that has long felt the beauty of the island is where we will provide a complete review of chili travel to you as your reference material if one day want to visit the island in 1000 this mosque.

Beauty of Gili Trawangan at noon

Previously, we will give you a little information if the chili region in terms of the famous tourist destinations there are some parts of the wilaya that has long been targeted by local and foreign tourists. We start from the western parts of western Lombok precisely, what are tourist destinations that you can enjoy in wilyah Lobar? Let’s refer directly:

Tourist attractions in Lombok Barat

1. Sengigi beach paradise island of Lombok

Similarly, Kuta beach which is the mascot of the island of Bali, Lombok also you can enjoy the atmosphere of a nice beach with white sand and can be found around the coast of Senggigi. This beach offers the beauty beneath the sea, you can snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming because the waves on the beach senggigi itself is not too big, besides hotels and inns are also here quite a lot at the price Parian wide – range.

2. Tourism in Batu Layar

It is more to the side of history and culture where you can flashback here and watched some traditional ceremonies are usually done by people of Lombok in stone screen. Oranamen Islamic art of building here is very thick and is believed to be a saint and usually visited during the major holidays, Eid example.

3. Stone Bolang (Land of lot Lombok)

At a glance from a distance you will see a similar view when you are in Bali to visit the land lots. Well, at bolang stone is actually located very close to the beach senggigi and you can enjoy the feel of beach, beautiful coral here.

4. Gili Trawangan

As we review earlier if the island is very popular with Gilinya, where you can enjoy the beauty of some Gili in Lombok. However, the most popular is Gili Trawangan at the center of the local tourist destination and Abroad. Gili Trawangan in a very neat design where motorcycles are not allowed to pass here, in the evening you can enjoy a night club, and spent the night at the edge of the dyke with white sand and is only found in Gili Trawangan.

5. Gili Nangu

One more dyke that is now beginning crowded in the visit in Lombok Gili Nangu namely, the beauty of clean masi dyke which gives the impression of comfort to every visitor. To take up to a good dyke Nangu trawangan and you have to cross over approximately 10-15 minutes using small boats.

6. Sekotong Beach

Before proceeding with the review of capsicum probably more interesting friend can see the sights on the island of Bali that we have previously pillowcase, serkang let’s now go traveling again in Lombok. This beach is located in the western region where the chili with a distance of less than 62km from downtown Mataram you can enjoy the beauty of the white sand on this beach. The atmosphere was good of course, if you are interested in visiting then please come to Lombok.

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