The right saw for the right job

The right saw for the right jobIn the beginning of the century, you define one looked like this: “… a thin skifva of steel, the edge provided with cutting, chisel-like teeth designed for cutting wood.” In our harga lantai kayu murah day, described the saw as “a tool for splitting and cutting, among others wood, metal, plastic and stone. “There is thus no doubt that the saw during our century has evolved and adapted to the growing number of materials. When the first sawmill was invented is not known. However, you are absolutely sure that this tool is one of the oldest in human history. Ursågen, if one can call it that, is preserved in inscriptions in old Egyptian and Assyrian monuments. And believe it or not: the saw has the same shape as our common handsaw, namely fogsvansen!

A contemporary handsaw is however far from the same kind of saw. There you will figure out when you turn the card. It is the same with most other handsaws. They are available in a variety of designs, designed for the most diverse works and materials, yet a short while ago did not even think were possible to cut. Most saws are designed for cutting or splitting wood, but there are saws for far more advanced work – well, virtually any material you may need to share or process in other ways. Some saws are adapted to particle board, fiber or other building boards. There is also saws for lightweight concrete, plastic, laminate, alumiunium and several other metals.

Choosing the right among all the saws are not always easy. Carpentry you much or do major construction or renovation works, you may have a set of special saws. Are you in the position to save money, you should buy saws afterwards as you need them. Otherwise, it is easy to pull on you equipment that is to little or no avail. You just need a saw in the house, without being able to pinpoint what it will be used, you should definitely choose a saw with which you can both split and cut. Do you live in apartment and only want ensåg to have it ready if you need it – well, fit an all-round saw best. With it you can manage most small jobs and the saw is not bigger than it fits in a kitchen or toolbox.

Are you interested in gardening and want to rejuvenate yourself and prune shrubs and trees are both branch and pruning saws. With these you can easily access, even at the height, and the chances of damaging the plants are considerably smaller.

“Ursågen” similar to a foxtail

It is not only saw the form that makes it suitable for one or the other task. Saw blade tooth has an equally important role. Should you like “just” sawing a piece of wood – and there are not so sure how where to cut looks – is a coarse and glestandad looked the best. With such, you work both quickly and easily.

Do you actually contrast to the fine carpentry work, and want a smooth and beautiful sliced ​​surfaces, requires a more fine-toothed saw. That this works slower one must accept. Tooth types can be very different, but they should have the same height, filed in a special way and sometimes unset, that is unfolded from the same direction as the phase.

Equilateral cross cut saw has teeth with 50o angle between the tips. Every other tooth is snedfilad from one side and every second from the other. Circular Resaw however, have different sided triangular teeth, the front of which stands in 80-90ø angle to the blade edge. The difference makes a clean cut saw can not cleave and vice versa. A kapsågsklinga cut through the wood, while a klyvsågsklinga “planes” down. Even the spaces between the teeth are very important. It is through these sawdust without barriers will disappear from the sawn surface.

Different fogsvansarFogsvansen available in different sizes and with different serrations.

cross-cut saw

Crosscut saw toothing allows the blade to cut in both sågriktningarna. The blade is designed to move across the wood fibers.


Circular Resaw tooth is angled towards the blade edge and cut when the saw is pushed forward. The blade should go along the wood grain.


With universaltandad blade can both cut and RIP. There are blades for both coarse as normal sawing.


Board saw is a circular saw for wood and building boards. The teeth are grouped, except for the blade tip, which has called the start ignition.

Worth knowing

Select never looked random, but by the work you plan to do. For example you can not cut wood with a saw intended only for cleavage. And vice versa! The teeth are vital. There are also routers and die Bow Saws are serrated for both cutting and splitting. These are called universal saws and have teeth that lean more backward than that of the circular resaw. Sharpening angle is also smaller. Universal saw is not suitable for other than minor works.


Lightweight concrete saw is equipped with hard metal teeth, which can be ground by hand. A more fine-toothed lättbetongsåg is Hardpoint.

Bow Saw

Bow saw belongs not only to the woodpile. It is good for rough carpentry, tree felling, etc. arc varies. It should have knuckle protection. The leaves are fine, normal or grovtandade, often tooth tip hardened.

compound saw

The back saw or miter saw, available in several versions. It is fine teeth and a clean cut surface, particularly in the miter box. Back saws with hardened tooth tips suitable for wood, plastic, laminates, aluminum, etc.


The jigsaw is perfect when you have limited flexibility, will be cutting a hole, a curved profile or at another figure sawing. As a rule, one begins to cut from a drilled hole. There are tooth tip hardened blades.


Veneer saw is intended for woodwork. Thanks to the toothed tip you can take up the track at a plate. If the veneer saw is Hardpoint can handle even materials such as laminates and aluminum.


Jigsaw or circular saw, used among others in demanding fitting example moldings. The blade is adjustable and is tightened by turning the handle. Interchangeable blades are available in consumer packaging.

Saws for gardening and hobby


Meat or household saw is a must if you hunt or buy meat in larger batches. With it you can also dismember Christmas pig, share marrowbone and frozen goods. The saw is available in several models.

branch saw

Gren saw is used for pruning trees and shrubs rough adults. On bågmodellen blade is adjustable for left and right cutting. The simpler type cutter “on the pull” and has a handle with knuckle guard.


Pruning saw can be extended by enstång, so that you reach the top of the canopy. Types with transverse blades can be used as shock knife small branches. If the saw is backward facing teeth cut it “on the move”.


Campsite saw may seem like luxury, but in the forest is an excellent addition to sheath knife. It is foldable, goes easily into your backpack and has its place in both the car and the boat.


O sing praises unto used almost exclusively for finer hobby work. The large arch gives big depth. Modern lövsågar have retractable handle. There are loose saw blades for wood and metal.


Always keep your saw in a satisfactory manner. Hang them on hooks so secure that they can not fall on you. It happened is easier than you think. A box is not a good storage place for a saw, but if you still put it in a such, you should make sure the lid is on, and that minor children can not open the box. Many saw now have protective cover of plastic. Always on it when you are not using the saw. It can save burning, aching and tears.

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