The old cottage, new floor

The old cottage, new floorYou bought the cottage and plan to reconstruct the attic? This is quite a common practice. In most cases, however, the upper spaces of the building old floor really bad and thus must be replaced. If there ever is. But the problem is that the ceilings can not be too burdensome because their capacity is especially in older homes really low. Additionally, you usually have to reckon with the harga lantai kayu weight of drywall, insulation, profiles, etc.

It is also not appropriate to burden the old house wet processes. Mainly for the reason that such homes have moisture problems in themselves, and every drop of water is not exactly welcome. Therefore, usually we use the attic of arrangement of dry processes, which are plasterboard construction. Well, and so we can outwit even the floor.

How old is so light

Dry floor can be easily constructed using gypsum floorboards which are laid on a prepared foundation. However, such documents must be pretty straight. If we use concrete, gravel or anything like that, we do not avoid as mentioned humidity and unfavorable balance. However, there is material which perfectly align the floor without water droplets. This material is produced by firing the ceramic beads and expansion of natural clay least 80 years old. The material is called Liapor and manufactured in various fractions (average). Dry bedding floors suitable fractions up to 4 mm, which is important so that the balls fit into the smallest interstices. Overall height of the sub-base should be at least 2 cm. Conversely height are not at all limited. It’s good to know that using Liapor example, you can also solve the backfill in the wood-beamed ceiling structures.

Speed ​​without a drop of water

The work procedure is simple. The old floor was initially free of impurities. On the prepared surface is placed a separating sheet, preferably a nonwoven geotextile. Subsequently, the powder LIAPOR to the required height. Attention! On the surface, of course, we can not walk, but we can put through the backfill or polystyrene makeshift wooden boards – because of manipulation. Backfill is leveled and compacted wooden bar and you can ask drywall. Logically, it is necessary to proceed from the outermost wall toward the door. Plates are deemed hydro- groove, so want it to be bonded and prošroubovat – thereby achieving the necessary rigidity of the floor. It is important to remember expansion strips around the perimeter walls. The finale is here. Connections on the floor with mastic and can be considered final material, after which it will go. This means carpet, flooring, tiles etc. What you will. And it’s done.

Recall one important thing. The positive properties as follows floors made with sub-base of Liapor belongs speed. This is compared to the wet process huge. And one extra bonus – Liapor a very interesting acoustic properties, so it brings to the interior acoustic comfort that you did not expect. And at a price that will still surprise you.

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