Synthetic or natural impregnation floor?

Synthetic or natural impregnation floorThe beauty of hardwood floors can be protected in several ways. That the surface remains resistant to daily stress and to prolong the life of the floor, we have to use an appropriate finish. Manufacturers offer many kinds of materials, produced on different basis. The basic types of paints, oils and waxes. When for treatment of the floor surface suitable synthetic product and when to pay harga lantai kayu jakarta to reach for a natural product?

Beautiful long lived floor – one of the conditions is its finish.


Painted surfaces are easy to maintain. We can choose from a large variety of products supplying matte, semigloss or glossy appearance. Varnishes formed on the wood surface uniform resistant film which timber is well protected against mechanical damage even before penetration of moisture into the structure. As a disadvantage painted surfaces indicates the inability of local repairs. Renovation surface is only done across the board and the floor it will require approximately every 8 years.

Oils and waxes

Local repair and disguise minor deficiencies through the restoration of oily or waxy slices is one of the advantages of these finishes. Oils penetrate deep into the wood, so well protected, but not close its surface. Unlike recognize at first sight. Wood is protected and at the same time can breathe and naturally respond to the conditions of the interior. Anyway, we have to reckon with regular repainting, thereby increasing financial demands of maintenance.

Natural versus synthetic paint

If we are in the interior of the problems with high humidity, it pays to choose natural paints. Oils and waxes ensure breathability, good choice will also be water-based paints. Synthetic paints although supply timber of high mechanical strength, but they are airtight. Dimensional changes in wood caused by moisture would in such a case could occur and cracking of the surface film. If we decided to synthetic products, it is certainly important to ensure optimum humidity – eg. Using humidifiers.

Synthetic coatings provide low maintenance requirements. Nature coatings can be sensitive not only to the presence of water, but also inappropriate products and chemical products in general.

Exotic wood often has high hardness and high toughness. To support its natural characteristics are recommended products on a natural basis.

If in the past we waxed floors or oiling and now we have decided to finish painting, we encounter the problematic adhesion paint layer. In this case it is recommended to expose the wood by grinding – up to the so-called bare wood (which already applied composition intervened).

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