Super Victor – EURO 2016 Mascot


Paris (askanews) – In less than a month will become the darling of all the lovers of football. And ‘Super Victor mascot of France in 2016, a child, the son of a footballer, with superpoteri.La Its mission is to have fun with the fans around the world celebrating the Art of Football, the look of a player who dresses the blue and white colors and wearing a red coat with the number 16. “the biggest news was make a character entirely in 3D, we did it to allow greater interaction and realistic facial expressions, but we also wanted to celebrate the cultural heritage French and our great school of animation, “explains Erik Berchet-Moguet co-founder of Zebrand, the company that created the French bambino.I superhero hope that the new mascot will bring them luck as it was with Peno, the cock in boots designed for the European Championship of 1984. “we are bringing a lot of visibility abroad, Super Victor there is advertising, many have or will have a gadget with our mascot, it is an important thing for us” .The named Super Victor it was preferred, in an internet competition to Goalix and Driblou.

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