Startup Indonesia Booming, When You Start?


Startup phenomenon indeed is a trend in Indonesia. In fact, its development can be fairly encouraging. In a matter of years, or even months, founder-founder of the new “inaugurated” Startup their establishment.
According to the monitoring Dailysocial, Indonesia currently has at least 1,500 startup companies, which generally moves in the field of technology. Not surprisingly, the potential of Internet users in Indonesia is growing rapidly creating wetlands for Startup to flourish.
According to data released APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Provider), the number of Internet users in Indonesia throughout 2014 amounted to 88.1 million. The figure was up from 71.2 million in the previous year. 2015, and most likely the numbers will continue to rise. No wonder if the founders who saw this potential and establish a technology-based startup.
Not only that, Startup developments in Indonesia is also inseparable from the increased purchasing power. The rise in the per capita income of Indonesia certainly influence the development of startups.
Some Startup Group
According to CEO Dailysocial Rama Mamuaya, generally Startup in Indonesia can be classified into three groups, namely Startup creator of games, educational applications and Startup Startup trades such as e-commerce and information.
According to him, Startup games and educational applications have market potential and opens in Indonesia. This is because the process of making games and educational applications is relatively easy.
With the development of social media and smartphones, the market for mobile Toko Bunga Bandung games and social games getting bigger. Meanwhile for applications or websites that are engaged in e-commerce and information, Rama assess the challenge in Indonesia is still quite large attributable to the lack of credit card use. But for that smelled of information or news of various themes, its development is far more rapidly again.
However any kind, chances Startup is still quite large. Credit card users in Indonesia, although no se-massive overseas, continues to grow. Moreover, although the current trend Startup leads to technology, it is quite possible Startup in other areas will enjoy the same success. The reason?
We have had a lot of standing community and incubators that can help new Startup “learning path” before it could run his own feet.
Incubators and Investors
Luckily for you who want to start a business, especially Startup, now has many established communities containing founder-founder of Startup, such as Bandung Digital Valley, Jogja Digital Valley, there are also some incubators like Ikitas in Semarang, Station in Malang, also incubators that made by some big companies in Indonesia.
Community and incubators will help beginners in the field of entrepreneurship to share knowledge, consultation, even to attracting investors. With the information rotating in the community, you can follow Startup competition held some large companies, such as competition ever held by Telkom.
One more thing which is also important, the secret of success Startup is a solid team, because of the presence of a solid team, not only gave birth to the idea, but make sure those ideas are executed properly. With the idea and the right execution, you certainly will not be difficult to attract people and finding investors.
Well, now already know ‘the why you should immediately get rid of doubts and start your own business? Who knows, your hands will be born from Kaskus, Traveloka, Tokopedia, or Qraved else! ***

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