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The baby safety pins we know that kids begin to feel interest in our mobile since they are very tiny. Beyond the huge controversy that exists on the recommended age to start using mobile devices today I would like to recommend appropriate for babies from year applications. The Apps of which I speak today are real gems. Because they are high quality and have no integrated advertising or purchases. Also they do not need internet connection to function, so you can draw on them in any situation. An endless subway ride, a meal in a restaurant, a long wait at the doctor’s office … those Android applications baby will be a real ace in the hole that will draw you more of a hurry.
# 1: The best Android app for babies: Shapes and Colors Music Show Fisher Price
If you read me often know I do not usually make many rankings. That deciding whether an application is better than another cost me a bit, but this time I’m going to get wet: Shapes and Colors Music Show Fisher Price is the best application for babies who can find in Google Play. Or at least the one that you liked my child at this stage. This App has it all, beautiful music, beautiful colorful illustrations, is free and has no advertising or integrated shopping. Can you ask for more?
According to Fisher Price this application is intended for babies 6 months and older. At 6 months a baby already has enough to learn to sit alone, so my humble opinion this app is suitable for kids from one year. This application uses stimuli action-reaction. When baby bites on the screen something happens and they find that super-entertaining at this stage. You can also encourage kids to learn a great shapes and colors little English. Brings two “levels”, but in reality is very different activities.
shaps application for babies and colors
-The Level one is designed for very young babies. When spades on the screen appears a form and a little music. The ways they move, floating and bouncing off the pantalla.shapes and colors Level 1
– At level 2 you can play the piano at the bottom of the screen or have fun with the songs they sing each of the forms. Your baby can dance along with five super-catchy ditties!
As it is difficult to describe in words I leave you two videos for you to see how each one of the levels.
Shapes and Colors Level 1
The only drawback of this app for babies is that it is only in English, but anyway makes them very funny. I also believe that this “paste” may actually be an advantage, because it is a good way to gradually introduce the English naturally. When they are toddlers like most level one. But after 18 months or so and they start to like it more level two, but play with them. It is available for both Android and iOS operating system.
No. 2 Chicco Animals
The Italian brand Chicco has several very suitable for babies over 12 months Apps. But my favorite is Chicco Animals. It is that applications with animal sounds are among the favorites of the little ones. This Chicco I’m telling you is very nice, it brings three habitats in which we find different animals: farm, forest and jungle. When we chop in each animal and hear its characteristic sound makes a small movement. We will have a few animals to play with. This fantastic application can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store. It has neither integrated nor publi purchases. When they are little ones will have to go poking you in each of the animals. But you’ll see how quickly they catch themselves and start to nibble on each animal to hear its sound.


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