Rubber Playmat for Babies

Each time is less for the big event. Time flies and before you know it your baby will be at home. Sure you still have some things to prepare. Do not worry. In our wide and varied catalog you will find textile accessories needed to dress, to the last and fully conjoined, all essential to comfortably carry your baby accessories. Since the equipment group 0 through the bassinet, the car or chair.

Rubber Playmat for Babies

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Accessories in Morrosquina know that there is nothing more important than the welfare of your child for a mother. So we offer everything you need for your little one feel as comfortable and warm as if still continue within. In any season, also in autumn and winter, too cold to do, you can always enjoy the pleasant walks with your baby. Simply abriguéis you well. Inside any of our bags your little will always be warm and well protected from the cold.

Bags for zero group, for bassinets and chairs

All our bags are made of fine fabrics, pleasant, warm, loving and comfortable, and of course, completely washable. And walks with your baby will not be altered by the cold. You can choose padded, imitation leather, wool, velvety, garter or cotton; smooth, polka dots, stripes or patterns; bold, classic or modern; pink, blue, white, coral, blue, gray, chocolate, beige; with embozo Tang, sequins or nice leatherette and velvet lining; model Bahamas, Arctic Fox, Sumatra, Caribou, Jacquard, Carol 60, Camel Zorro, Zorro White, Hungary … You choose.

For you, Mom, we also have a surprise: Mittens specially designed for straight handlebars and umbrella. Or if you prefer, the warm fit only for the straight handlebars. Both the warm mittens and will play with your baby bag. So you can comfortably walk your child without you freeze your hands from the cold.

To take care of the little ones we have bags in various materials and colors, which all group chairs adapt zero.

Like the above, our bags for carry cot are also universal, as they adapt smoothly to any model of bassinet. They all have five-point safety harnesses and with fully removable cover, thanks to its two zippers.

How could it be otherwise, in Morrosquina ons also have a wide range of customizable universal bags to any model of chair. These come prepared with harnesses for safety braces and padded cover plates to protect your baby.

With the arrival of cold, it is what we want to leave home with our baby, it’s time that we choose the sack (baskets) to the cart. Certainly it seems not very difficult choice, but it will not be easy will that can decide between an infinite number of different designs and colors available for each type. To know which is more suitable, we must take into account some issues:

It is important to know that the bag for cart and the seat are different, both in size, in the fabrics used, open mode, in the openings for the belts, baskets, etc..

Once we are clear that we need a bag for the car, the first thing you have to choose, are the materials to be composed. They come with waterproof outer or a windproof layer. Inside, usually cotton materials used or to be made with fleece. It is important that we can be machine washed. We can find feather, fleeces or stuffed cotton wadding. The sleeping bags are the lightest and most cherish. They are suitable for places with low temperatures. Polar are adjustable thermo material ie adapt to body temperature. Bags stuffed with cotton wadding, are the least shelter, are the best to use in places where it is not very cold.

We need to know if our car has three-point harness or five points. The five points is that it grabs the baskets in five points, two on the shoulders, two encircling the belly and another between the legs. The three points only have two anchors, two over the shoulders and one between the legs.

There are bags that are specific to a brand of stroller, with them we can be certain that specifically cater, but we can also find universal sacks advantage to be placed in baskets of various models of cart. In this case we will make sure, before buying, that has all the openings for safety harnesses.
The shape of the bag is another aspect to consider, the choice will depend on the height of the baby. We can find diver type, which completely surround the baby or cover type legs for varying its length and adapt to the growth of the child.

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