rockabilly Style

rockabilly Style

Rockabilly what is it?

Rockabilly is a popular style of music from the 1950s, combining features of rock ‘n’ roll and bluegrass. jual kemeja flanel uniqlo┬áMode associated with this musical genre became very flourishing in modern society. Elvis Presley is the most famous musicians associated with rockabilly style and music.


Hairstyles: Pompadour

Women also can try this style, hair style easiest and most popular is the pompadour with a ponytail. Pull hair into a high ponytail and wrap the roll for thirty seconds or more, so it will spiral downward. Then, comb the bangs to create splendor into it, or use a large flower with hair mengikalkan.

Fashion style

Use dark tight jeans or cotton pants are very neat, do not forget t-shirt covered with a thin leather jacket. Other styles use a shirt or flannel plaid cowboy shirt and roll the sleeves of the shirt.

There are several alternative ways to dress that can be used by women, could use a dress short sleeveless with chest low, or to make it look more sexy use tight shirt that follows the shape of the body to accentuate the chest, do not forget to make a knot at the bottom of the shirt and combined with a tight miniskirt. Typically for this women’s clothing has a bright color, with polka-dot or leopard print motif.

style Shoes

The top is okay, then perfected with his shoe. Boots very supportive shiny appearance of men in this case apart from creepers or sneakers. Women can also use creepers, high boots or shoes retro flat.


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