Parquet rejuvenate renovations

Parquet rejuvenate renovationsParquet, as well as any other kind of wood floors, affects us in a very natural and pleasant impression. Once in a while but it is necessary to deliver them a new breath of freshness. It does not yet right to invest in new floors harga lantai kayu, is quite sufficient to let your floors sanded.

When the renovations proceed

It depends on how the floor has been maintained and therefore the condition is. If the floors regularly caregiver of the recommended special funds to last you a beautiful twenty years.

The big advantage of wood flooring is that last several renovations – grinding each had taken a mere millimeter of wood. That statement also applies to the flooring over a hundred years old. In addition, renovations take place relatively quickly. Experienced craftsman in one day resurfaces about 25 square meters.

What involves renovations

First floors sanded, and in several stages. From coarsest to the finest grinding. Grinding must be carried out in exactly the specified directions, and it is necessary to carefully adjust borders as well. The basic instrument is a special grinder that simultaneously sucks the fine dust arises and no mess.

After grinding followed by applying selected finishes – varnish, oil, wax or oil. The most common is painting, because varnished floors without problems and can withstand various stains. This is especially important for flooring in the kitchen, dining room, living room or nursery.

Used option is also to revive the renovated floor of a new shade. Using special stains so common parquet you provide, for example, the appearance of mahogany. The most popular option, however, remains a popular classic, thus the natural color of the floor.

Why hire professionals

You wondering if you pays to hire a professional company or engage in floor restoration on your own? A skilled handyman (if necessary information) floor polishers handle himself. The problem is in financial terms.

You have to count with an expensive car-grinders – need one for coarse sanding, next to the delicate and thirdly, a little sanding corners and smaller facets. In total it will cost about two thousand crowns. Car after it also will require a deposit in the order of tens of thousands. Another few hundred pay for abrasive belts and discs. When you credit the price of oil or paint, you get practically at the price you’d pay for a professional company with which you have everything without any worries.

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