Pack of its hand baggage as a professional


some products in any way must become the place in a handbag strategy to examine value objects in the area:

* little property: the money, credit cards, jewelry, digital cameras.
* Important Products: drugs, advice, passport, tower coupons, the documents of the company.
* Products irreplaceable: manuscript, vestiges of the family.
* The sensitive products: Eye vessels, cups, storage containers of liquids.

This in mind, the method does not to finish always sure of its assets are not really broken or fallen may maintain with you. Also if its really bag cannot be decreased, could finish always postponed by an hour or two. Do not place the perishable foodstuffs in hand bag examined; can ruin if it may be postponed. G., toiletries, an altar of under clothing).

Check with the air travel for the limitations of the size or quantity of parts of hand luggage. (There can be a regular government. Ask about their trip; different aircraft may have different constraints. Because we do not believe that the journey has an unlimited number of space of cabinet for conduct in the luggage of clothing; some may have to be reviewed.

Maintain the limits in the brain. If verificas acquires however to make the invoices individually; may be necessary for a State if the products can be scrapped or broken. G. scissors, pencil covered).

Examined the baggage may also be question of limits. In many homes and in the world of plane tickets, were examined two suitcases (three if it does not have to hand luggage). In some airplane tickets between two metropolitan areas International,

the same two scholarships which cost her nothing to check when began his trip could be in expensive functions for the excess baggage under a system of weight. The request of the airlines on the ceiling for each part of his trip in the world before to maintain the House, specifically if you have of a judgment of a hour or two or if businesses operate. The baggage check must stop always marked by the inside and outside of his name, address and the amount of mobile phones. Add the name and the address of a person to enter into contact with their destination if it is useful to proceed accordingly. Almost all the missing baggage by air carriers which are the switch toward the top of the more rapid or more later.

With proper labels, because not on-pack a bag to hand. This exerts a pressure on the pestillos, produce more simple for them seem to open. In addition, the locking mechanism of the its baggage. Hair are generally very effective against theft, if one program to check the electric tools, Vitrerie, small devices, the pottery, typewriters, music instruments of music or various other sensitive products which do not fail to be loaded in a pot specially designed to be able to survive the harsh Management

check with the Internet site of the TSA to discover what is the most recent of the directives and rules are for hand luggage. Guidelines to change as the force of the wind. go right here


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