Open contemporary space a 100 sqm house that looks bigger

Open contemporary space a 100 sqm house that looks biggerIn a new building, large windows open and visually expand the apartment: 98 sqm well distributed and organized. harga lantai kayu Perfect for a family of 4.

In less than 100 square meters, the apartment is functional and well exploited thanks to a very rational distribution of interior. Inserted into a newly built complex, the apartment has in fact designed a layout so that even an average square footage can nobody available at optimum livability requirements, internal organization and brightness. In this case it is a measure of a family house of four, with a balanced and clear division between day and night and a great attention to the exposure environments. In the day they were open spaces privileged, while the two bedrooms are complemented by service areas and well organized wardrobe.

In the open living area, the dining table and the kitchen occupy two adjacent spaces but still well identified by the shape of the plant. The continuity between different environments is underlined by Chairi color finishes and contemporary furnishings, with a contemporary new classic: such as ethnic and mirrored table with shaped legs, from the Philippines, and the black lamp resting on the cabinet, with base amphora. ■ Table: Velli of Arredopiù (2,880 euro) ■ white leather chairs: Anna Cattelan

The conversation area, in broad daylight thanks to the large window overlooking the terrace, is built around the mobile TV. Prevail neutral tones, with the variants of reflective surfaces that multiply the light. Next to the sofa, covered in velvet dove gray, a coordinated ottoman rounded line and one cube-shaped, red velvet quilted; and as table tops two polygonal tables with mirrored floor. ■ sofa and ottoman gray: Opium Saba Italy ■ Coffee table: Eight Cattelan ■ Wall-mounted TV: Tao Day Misuraemme ■ Aluminum windows: Schüco

Glass windows instead of walls
diffuse illumination, sense of openness and a more direct link with the outside world: an alternative to traditional windows, new buildings are increasingly designed with large windows that occupy entire walls; with undoubted aesthetic advantages, without sacrificing the acoustic comfort of the interior. The new windows to seal the low-E glass and in fact minimizes the heat losses during the winter and in the summer protect direct sun radiation. As regards the materials, good results are obtained with the “coupled” solutions which, for inside and outside, combine for instance, wood-aluminum or aluminum-PVC. Are exploited in this way the characteristics of two materials, by combining in the same window frame aesthetic and resistance. From a regulatory perspective, the replacement of an existing fixture with a glass of larger dimensions is easier in a house, while it is not always psoibile condominium because it involves noticeable changes to the aesthetics of the facade.

Dining between inside and outside. Function and design furnishings
At the kitchen, the facade of the building is set back, forming a covered loggia: in this area the depth of the terrace doubles and we get a space outside, but protected at the top, perfect for an outdoor dining area shaded. Accessible from the kitchen from the living, thanks to the large sliding windows this becomes in effect, during the summer season, an extension of the living.
The rectangular loggia of 20 square meters, is furnished with a table and chairs. For verandati spaces are multiplying of “interchangeable” furnishing solutions suitable for both internal and for external that combine functionality and resistance a care in the design that has nothing to envy to the traditional models inside. With a wide choice of materials, also combined with each other from wrought iron to natural fibers, from wood to plastics, all versatile and robust.

In the top of the peninsula it is recessed to semifilo a ceramic hob is an induction model in four zones, with aluminum frame. A lowering plasterboard ceiling of about 25 cm, right at the peninsula, to hide the chimney hood and the wires of the electrical system. ■ Cooking: Electrolux Rex ■ Hood: Slim Fimkappe

The composition in line, in matt white lacquered with worktops Quartzite, provides the combination of columns and hanging of staggered heights that move the wall; have different heights also the peninsula and the table, to which are juxtaposed enveloping chairs in transparent colored polycarbonate. The same material as the suspension lamp that illuminates the floor. ■ Kitchen Program: Emetrica Ernestomeda ■ Chairs: Mr Impossible by Kartell, Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet (275 EUR) ■ Lamp: Gé Kartell Ferruccio Laviani Design (167 EUR) ■ Ovens: Electrolux Rex The open kitchen, form long and narrow, it is crossed longitudinally by a central peninsula that extends the work plan and integrates the cooking area. Not only it is prolonged in a lower snack table that rests on asymmetrical legs.

The master bedroom is characterized on the performance of the oblique wall behind the bed that hides a practical wardrobe. Lit by two windows overlooking the balcony, the room is furnished with soft tones, while allowing variations in the brightest colors.
Decoration: a wall out
In an environment, even of small size, whitewash a single wall, or wall portion, in a color different from the others, has the effect of stress functions, areas or depth. In this case, in the room it used the plum shades for the wall opposite the bed protruding because it hides the light well with technical plants. When you opt for an intense or dark color, better than the painting is made with water-based acrylic paints or glazes that compared all’idropittura, better camouflage the stains caused by touch. Enamels and acrylic matte finish reproduce the delicacy of dell’idropittura tones; those transparencies, equal to tint, make the most luminous surface. It is important to properly prepare the surface with a primer.

In the room is a leading upholstered bed with tufted headboard, with large container under the net; in the corner by the window is no place for a mini studio area. To illuminate the environment, a central suspension and a floor lamp with metal structure coordinates orbits. different shades for the sheer fabric of the curtains, that slide along metal sticks. ■ Read: View of Oggioni Focus ■ Transparent Chair: Louis Ghost by Kartell, Philippe Starck design ■ Flooring: Listone Giordano

In the bathroom sink in the outstanding small ceramic it is complemented by a decorative alternative to the traditional mirror: the first one ‘900 gilt-framed mirror placed directly on the edge. The height of the sub-window is used instead with a contemporary console, useful as a table top. ■ Sink: Ideal Standard ■ jewelry Hand: Kare Design

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