Oiling parquet

Oiling parquetLast time we looked at finish wooden floors and focused on sanding, staining and painting. Today, we are somewhat more detail oiling.

Oiled and waxed floors to repair and refurbish easily in smaller damaged areas. Their maintenance is however slightly more challenging than the varnished floors. Due to the less demanding restoration experts recommend oiling and waxing on soft wood species and places where they expect more traffic and the need for frequent repairs. Oiled floors can be repaired in 24 hours.

One advantage oiled floors are wider options in color variations in pickling and use tinted oil from simple colors up to the more complex, for harga lantai kayu murah example the so-called. Aging when combined with mordant, or ammonia liquor with color-tinted oil.

When oiling and waxing procedure is identical grinding. Oil or wax is applied by hand or machine, on principle in two layers with mezischnutím, possibly with intermediate sanding. When applying the material is allowed to soak in the type of material after soak triturated and wipe dry, after curing (after about 8-24 hours), the procedure is repeated.

If you have to compare the advantages and disadvantages of such materials, we must realize that an essential element is wood – a natural living material – and as such to him we must behave, both in terms of maintenance and usability of. Wooden flooring is beautiful and the natural color variations in individual, warms itself, but if the user expects from such floors unaffordable properties, it is better to use a floor made of other materials.

Painted surfaces floors look sumptuously than oiled or waxed, we must say that even easier to maintain. The problem occurs when the lacquered flooring that changes shape and dimension. Lacquer these changes (twist, in the worst case, cracking) lasts, even though it is constructed as a resilient material, and may then crack and microscopically. To crack subsequently getting water even during routine maintenance, and the floor is rapidly breaking down. Our personal recommendation is that you only have to paint a dimensionally stable – either glued sandwich type, or properly matured parquet (preferably made of hard wood), which are bonded to the substrate. For thus made flooring option is minimal dimensional changes. (A floor should just wipe with a damp mop or manufactured for the purpose cleaner.)

We refinished coated with oil Ciranova and we can say that working with him is easy and relatively quick. We worked with a brush, paint surfaces midsize room was ready in about twenty minutes. We let the first coat dry for 24 hours. Already after six hours, the surface could walk.

We spotted the oil in a thin layer over the whole floor area of ​​12 m2 was enough for one coat only one canister and a little piece left on the second coat. The floor has already after the first layer pleasant warm color. After the second coat finish nicely darkened and beautifully bring out the wood grain. Finally, after a further 24 hours, we floor mop with a damp cloth and then we went back to the room furniture.

It is very important to observe the amount of material on the floor. If Apply a thick layer of a lack of a spoon, then the material will dry out for a few days or weeks. Similarly, the amount of oil governed species. Exotic wood species consume oil or wax typically lower than domestic woods. And the oil there are a large number of species with different properties and yields in an incredible range from 12 to 100 square meters per liter.

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