Note this when purchasing a wedding ring

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Prospective brides looking for wedding rings should consider the following things before buying the ring.
“Make sure likes. Let the symbols attached to the self really liked,” said General Manager of The Palace Jeweler Jelita Setifa when met here on Friday.
The ring will be taken for life, besides convenient must also match the character of the person wearing self.
For example in the visible pair of fashion style and demeanor like things simple, the seller usually leads to the classical model.
By contrast, private crowded can choose a model that is more vibrant, known as fancy design.
Prices vary according Jelita pair ranging from five million to hundreds of millions. According to him, model cincin terbaru there is a tendency for people who would marrying more of their budgeted funds for purposes such as rent wedding reception to ring the building so that funds are fairly limited.
In fact, according to him, the ring will be worn every day and for life.
“The price of any important match,” he said.
Instead, the message rings three months before getting married for the manufacture of ring time can take two weeks.
Rings are sold mostly just window dressing. When potential buyers find it suitable, he prefers made ??more appropriate ring size ordered.
“If it fits, we build the new ring so that a comfortable and durability for longer,” he said.
If you want to use ornaments diamond wedding ring, it is advisable to wear gold grade below 24 carats. 24 karat gold is too soft to support the diamond.
According to Pretty, materials for male ring can be replaced with platinum that the teachings of the religion professed not encourage men to use gold jewelry, even though the price is more expensive than gold rings.
Other materials that can be used for wedding rings are palladium and rhodium but Jelita not recommend using the metal for durability unlike gold. “Most easily scratched, so thin and finally broke,” said Jelita.

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