New kitchen in an old apartment

New kitchen in an old apartmentIn the approach, interpretation and use of the kitchen we have seen over the last decade compared to other living spaces, perhaps the biggest changes. Cuisine varies from sandbox, as in the original prefab construction purposefully planned, space to interact. The kitchen is the heart of the apartment, harga lantai kayu bandung the busiest intersection, the most important institution in the apartment.

On the one hand, it must be functional rooms, which are increasingly using new appliances, on the other hand, increased emphasis is placed on its habitability, versatility, alignment and harmonization with other rooms in the apartment. That is why the reconstruction of the original kitchen in the block of flats that can not meet these requirements, he inevitability. On what should be thinking when you decided to reconstruct the kitchen?

disposition relations

In each, even the smallest kitchen, we can distinguish the following parts: a cooling center, preparation center, cooking center, dining center, washing facilities and waste center, which themselves have to be coherent. In the new solutions is a kitchen there shall be adequate space communication and continuity of work activities and comfort of movement. To facilitate kitchen works best the sort desktop (proceeding from left to right) as follows:

  • Swap (drip) area,
  • sink with draining area, if necessary. dvojdřez,
  • shelf,
  • cooker,
  • shelf.


If you already make clear idea of ​​the position of individual fixtures and shaped kitchen cabinets, you should consider if there is no need to edit the individual partitions (the term rung mean partition wall thickness 60 mm, rarely 80 or 85 mm just for comparison: conventional the thickness of the load-bearing walls is 150 mm) or replace the old walls in the original formica core. In the case of the inevitable replacement Formica walls it is appropriate to delete the entire old core, and according to the prepared plan to start building a new partition. You have to take into consideration to vitiate the existing building and violated statics, it is appropriate to review it Statics building project. The construction will use lightweight porous concrete blocks or plasterboard. On the wall, on which there will be no divorce, you can use the 50 mm wide aerated concrete blocks. In other cases, apply the tile width of 75 or 100 mm. Under aerated consider flexible insulation, etc. are dealt with side joints and joints below the ceiling. Create gaps for the management of individual installations.

The second option is to create the necessary partitions using the metal structure, which is filled inside the insulated and lined plasterboard impregnation against moisture. The construction of the lead individual installation.

And with the housing nucleus, where partitions created from panels? If you decide to extend your kitchen and some walls removed again recommend consulting a structural engineer – turmoil could disrupt the statics. Until after the demolition work starts with removing the original tiles on walls and floor coverings.

Connection to the network

Even before we place or mount kitchen – regardless of whether they themselves or subscribing installation of kitchen studios – we have completed the floor finish, all walls behind the line, ready water supply, electricity and gas. Additional interventions or changes have often not possible at all or only at great inconvenience and possibly even losses. When renovating the kitchen you have a unique opportunity to give professionally checked and replaced if necessary, water pipes – another such opportunity might already have not. In case of failure or bursting of old pipes would fix required a lot more effort and money and ultimately the risk and damage the new line. And you do not forget to drain the water from the dishwasher or washing machine and obtain a sink trap with drain hose connection for a dishwasher or washing machine. Drain water from washing machines or dishwashers directly into the sink is a very risky option. Accidental slipping hose can cause discharge of a large amount of water that inflict unnecessary damage in the kitchen.

Widespread use of kitchen appliances for which they were not originally designed electrical wiring, along with requirements for different lighting kitchens often also require adjustments distribution of electric energy that can be done only by qualified personnel.


If you already have behind cladding of walls, floors and painting, you can proceed to compose a new kitchen. When changing the position it is necessary to take into account the length distributions of individual installations, so it is preferable to leave a line for installation shafts. If you are not a temporary kitchen, you can compose the line L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen counter when you create these shapes provide a space for your imagination, but make sure to wash center and a stove were placed close together.

Kitchen in one line fits well into the combined living room area and kitchen. In this case, you can complete the line cooking island, which can be used also as a bar. When you opt for the line in one line, you should choose a higher cabinet, so you get more storage space. This type of kitchen cabinets may seem a little monotonous, but you can easily freshen glass cases, frosted glass and various handles. Different heights of the table or the highlighted part of the cooking are also very impressive. For the kitchen equipment in general rule: the lighter the color, the work space feel bigger, and the fewer options, the line is aesthetic.


The market offers a large number of sinks, batteries, stoves and kitchen appliances. All kitchen appliances should harmonize into a single style. Batteries can choose different designs and styles – from antique to the ultra-modern, with built-in detergent dispenser, battery saving water, catching chlorine, lead and debris. Faucets must have a sufficiently long and movable spout. Keep in mind that the outlet pipe extended into the sink at least 10 cm from the edge of the sink. Practical is a faucet shower hose which can be pulled out – you can get it to wash dishes with water spray or shower. In all kitchen activities apply practical mixing lever mixer. Water can easily let go gently lifting the lever and has been turned on at the set temperature.

Also sinks are made in different colors and from different materials. The sink should be large enough for washing large kitchen utensils. In a drawer beneath the work surface you can incorporate ironing board. Using folding ladder built into the base below the line and reach the highest shelves. When choosing a dining area, remember the number of persons and spatial possibilities. You can choose not only a simple table, but also flip or bar table.

white goods

If you opt for the built-in electrical appliances, it is essential to choose from those that are intended to be incorporated because the manufacturers of these appliances specifically addressing their proper ventilation and cooling. On location embedded appliances pays to think ahead and prepare the necessary wiring so as to avoid stretching cables or additional complications, when you want to defrost refrigerator. And do not forget to electrical sockets above the work surface to engage blender, electric graters, grinders, coffee machine, etc. When designing the placement of electrical outlets should let the word expert in order to meet safe distance from the water supply outlets.

Cookers and hobs can be built into the line and put in the oven so high that you are not bending. The price of such a report is already comparable with the price of conventional cookers. Microwave is practical to place the worktop and upper cabinets. To save space, invest in the stove, which already includes a microwave. Individual appliances can hide behind the roller door made out of wood or metal. If you are considering the installation of the machine in line, remember that a noisy operation, and when you open it available to its operation could interfere eg. When watching TV. Dishwasher is an excellent helper in the kitchen and should it find a suitable place. Disposer again vaunted reduce the amount of waste.

Materials in the kitchen

The surface of the furniture and kitchen appliances must be well-washable and able to handle the load on the kitchen activities bring. Around the stove to generate steam and hot fat sputters, kitchen sink is again a source of constant moisture. Therefore, even the wall behind the kitchen, especially around the stove and sink should be easily washable and durable. Today, in addition to tiles of various sizes, colors, shapes and combinations, there are also various other suitable materials, eg. Large cladding panels made of hardwood laminate finish imitating wood, natural stone, marble or if it corresponds to the chosen style kitchen, you can decide to plates made of stainless steel, which provide exceptional durability. The sink is exposed to constant moisture. Colored sinks made of plastic with a matte textured surface is easy to keep clean and resistant to abrasion, scratches and bumps. Interesting and very modern also operates acrylate sinks structure of ground granite or stoneware different colors, which may be in color and structure of the worktop, but can it also contrast. Definitely the toughest However, stainless steel sinks. Although they are the most affordable, they represent a profitable investment.

Element that gives unique style of any kitchen, the door on the kitchen counter. Selecting the door today is really great – smooth or profiled, coated sheet, veneered or solid wood, solid and glazed. The door should be aligned worktop which should be as resistant as possible. Worktops laminated particleboard-laminate material with high resistance to shock and pressure. Glossy surfaces that are elegant and stylish, but they are slightly more susceptible to scratches. We should try to limit the maximum number of connections to the labor board, because each link, if it comes under him, humidity, may in the future be a source of damage to the desktop.

Kitchen supplemented appropriately selected floor that allows for easy maintenance. Effectively operate and the color combination or combinations of various materials, such as tiles and parquet. The kitchens are popular warm earthy tones and color of the wood to create a pleasant atmosphere of homeliness and warmth. On the contrary, properly selected cold tones of blue and green can turn us psychologically to reduce unwanted feeling the heat in the kitchen.


The newest trend in lighting the kitchen space is local lighting. Illuminate the individual workspace, dining table, you can give install lighting inside the cabinets. Normally certifies lighting platform above the upper cabinets, but in this case it is necessary to add lighting, and under them, otherwise you desktop eclipsed his own body.

A suitable combination of direct and reflected light can change the atmosphere in the room according to the needs and moods. If you’re thinking about remodeling the kitchen a new way of lighting, you have to think about and new wiring, you can make a professional.

A few words in conclusion

If you have decided to reconstruct the kitchen, well do everything twice before – in terms of finance, time and energy spent on long period into the future. Not always true that what we fancy at first glance, we would like more, and what we now seems unnecessary, not after the completion of reconstruction of the most sought after. Life in the functional and aesthetic cuisine will be delighted to housewives and other members of the household and you have a kingdom with pride to show your visits. While not always being the most expensive solution must ultimately the best. Missing funds could be compensated by greater imagination a good idea, a little skill and a great taste that can not be quantified in monetary terms. The resulting effect will definitely unique.

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