New Breakthrough From Smartfren Andromax

New Breakthrough From Smartfren Andromax

Smartfren buzz in the mobile market’s 4G technology continues. After a series Andromax R, Q, Qi, and Es, is now one of the local vendors who have a big name of the complete line of Andromax 4G Series by presenting Smartfren Andromax EC constitutes the ‘twinning’ of Andromax Es. In this series Ec Andromax Smartfren remain the theme of collaboration between the super fast internet connection via the 4G network with intelligence Lollipop Android OS. LTE 4G data connection is ‘selling’ main Smartfren Ec Andromax, just as the other Series product Smartfren 4G. Although the ‘twin brother’ from Andromax Es, but Smartfren Andromax Ec this time still has some distinguishing sectors.

One of the distinguishing Smartfren Andromax Andromax Ec with Ice Android smartphone is the audio sector that has adapted DTS Sound audio technology. Smartfren Andromax audio sector in Ec is different with Ice Andromax technology that uses Dolby Digital Sound in the audio sector. As for other sectors, practical Ec Andromax have components similar to Andromax Es. Starting from the kitchen spur the sector which relies on a quad-core processor 1.2 GHz combined with 1 GB RAM. In addition, the EC also carries Smartfren duet Andromax 5 MP camera that has been equipped with Flash Light. Components photography on Andromax Ec is also similar to that of the Andromax Es. Hmmm .., if the same components like this, then this phone has the advantage of what? Well specially for comrade Begawei everything, we have set up a full review of the specification and price Andromax Smartfren Ec on the segments below.

From the outside, it looks Andromax Ec is synonymous with Andromax Es. This is because the specification Smartfren Andromax Ec in the sector of design and dimensions have in common with the twin sister. Smartphone is still carrying the LCD screen 4-inch capacitive touchscreen that has a WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The screen on the Ec Andromax Smartfren also have high levels of display density reached 233 ppi pixel density. Because it has the same screen specs, Smartfren Andromax Ec will have the same visual appearance Andromax Es. So, do not expect friends Begawei will enjoy sharp visualization layknya Andromax R. Although the screen is quite weak, but the visual appearance Smartfren Andromax Ec is comparatively quite good for a beginner class smartphone. Furthermore, the screen on this smartphone was also equipped with AGC Dragontrail Glass protection technology, as Andromax Es. Differences specification Smartfren Andromax Ec with Andromax in the design sector is the use of DTS Sound audio system. This is different to Andromax Es audio system that uses Dolby Digital Plus.
Kitchen Runway Class Starter But Dependable
Now we move to the specification Smartfren Andromax Ec on the inside, which is part of the machine. In the kitchen sector runway, Smartfren still use the same components for Andromax Es and Ec. Processors in Smartfren Andromax Ec is still relying on a quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 which ditandemkan with Snapdragon chipset 410. Because it has the same components, engine performance Smartfren Andromax with Andromax Es Ec was not much different. Although not a component was top class, but the combination of engine components at Ec Andromax remains unreliable, at least for browsing and chatting. Andromax Smartfren engine performance is not too special Ec was helped by the presence of 1 GB RAM. 1 GB RAM usage is indeed quite interesting because lower-class smartphones typically use only 512 MB of RAM. Moreover, it turns specification Smartfren Andromax Ec in the kitchen sector runway is also supported by Andreno 306 GPU and Android OS v.5 Lollipop which will certainly improve the performance of this smartphone.

Storage Equipped with 8 GB Internal Memory
Next, let us consider the specifications Smartfren Andromax Ec sector data storage space. Although only in the plot as a smartphone beginner classes, it turns out the latest smart phone Smartfren concoction is equipped with the very maximum storage capacity. Smartfren put internal memory capacity of 8 GB on Smartfren Andromax this Ec. The capacity is enough to accommodate the system files and personal data you. However, if a friend Begawei find space on the Ec Andromax Smartfren still lacking, Smartfren already provide this new smart phone with a microSD slot in order to increase its storage capacity. Just like Andromax Es, specifications Smartfren Ec sector Andromax memory can be expanded up to 32 GB capacity.

Duet Complete 5 MP camera with Flash Light
Sign in specification Smartfren Andromax Ec in the photography sector, we will still see the same components with its line of photography on Andromax Es. Despite only being in the ranks of the lower middle-class smartphone, does not mean Smartfren Andromax Ec is only equipped with a rudimentary photographic components. Just like his brother, the latest smartphone Smartfren concoction is equipped with 5 MP camera duet located on each side. Each camera in Smartfren Andromax EC has also been equipped with Flash Light features that will help users to stay can produce quality photo shoots while on a low light. In addition, a 5 MP camera on the specifics Smartfren Andromax Ec in the photography sector can also be used to record video with pretty good quality.

Super Fast Internet Connection Count on 4G LTE Network
Furthermore, Begawei will scrape specifications Smartfren Andromax Ec in the connectivity sector. When talking about connectivity, the new product from Smartfren does have its own advantages. Line connectivity on Smartfren Andromax Ec has been supported by the 4G technology LTE TDD and FDD would rapidly bring the sensation of surfing in the internet world. In addition it is equipped with a 4G connection, Smartfren Andromax Ec also comes with a selection of other networks. Armed with features Dual SIM CDMA and GSM, this smartphone does have Internet connection options are comparatively very complete. In addition to the 4G network, also carrying Smartfren Andromax Ec CDMA EVDO Rev A technology 800 MHz is also very fast data connection. As with any product other Smartfren 4G Series, specifications Smartfren Andromax Ec in the connectivity sector is also equipped with other features such as Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, as well as the port micriUSB for the purposes of data transfer at close range and also an FM radio that will provide entertainment to users.

The battery capacity is only 1500 mAh
Lastly, we will discuss the specifications Smartfren Andromax Ec in the kitchen spur sector. Because only placed on the beginner level, the smartphone is not equipped with a battery capacity of smart phones like super premium. Noted, Smartfren Andromax Ec is only carrying the battery capacity of 1500 mAh. The battery capacity at Andromax Ec is actually the same as the battery in Andromax Es. Because Smartfren Andromax Ec already using LTE 4G network technology hefty power drain, so we suggest that comrade Begawei always prepare a portable charger device when carrying this smartphone activity. In addition barkapasitas only minimal, specifications Smartfren Andromax Ec in the power supply sector are also still using the old type battery, which is Lithium-Ion battery that is not as good as the type of Lithium-Polymer.

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