Learning during the holidays with the advice of our experts without any pressure

Learning during the holidays with the advice of our experts without any pressureRecent studies indicate that families take the work pressure by schools very seriously. So also learning during the holidays plays a major role. But how useful is that? We asked.

Work pressure leaves children in the summer holidays go not. This is confirmed by Paula Honkanen-Schobert, national director of the German Child Protection Association e. V .: “The pressure is increased in real terms Pondok Pesantren Modern, partly because many school reforms such as G8 in high schools.”

scoyo survey to learn during the holidays

According to a scoyo-research1 repeat good 62 percent of the children in Germany the learning material in the school holidays. The children are supported to 79 percent of their parents, grandparents or siblings who get along with them during the holidays. Learning books or textbooks are used by 66 percent of the children, while only 22 percent learn with other students or friends. Online quotes and apps will accommodate about 20 percent more popular to the pressure at school to withstand.

What experts say about “learning during the holidays”? If the school curriculum are practiced during the summer holidays or is it better to put the rest in the foreground? We sociologist Honkanen-Schoberth and learning researcher Michael Fritz asked what they think if children learn in their free time for school.

Learning during the holidays or prefer to recharge your batteries?

On top of all funding is the root cause analysis, finds Michael Fritz: “In the run needs to be clarified why it is necessary to learn during the holidays. If the student has not understood the issue, lacking exercise, lacking basics, he understands how he learns right? “

Both Fritz and Honkanen-Schoberth speak out in favor of to use the summer holidays to earn extra-curricular experiences and new powers for the school day. Learning during the holidays is a supplement. “It is important that children have sufficient carefree free time during the holidays, forces refuel and joy,” says Paula Honkanen-Schoberth.

learn during the holidays is more than cramming school curriculum

“It is important that there is enough time for learning that goes beyond school learning. School focused learning skills like writing, arithmetic, language learning. During the summer holidays the minors also have sufficient time to achieve learning success as the quarry for the first time to cross, finally addressing the girl choosing or discovering foreign countries. This time should not be neglected, because to be learned for the school, “adds Michael Fritz. These social successes strengthen the self-confidence of pupils and help to improve social skills.

How often and how long to learn during the holidays?

How many hours and how many units of learning during the holidays are meaningful, is different for each child. Since it is difficult to make a general statement on this, we have the scoyo-Licensees Pauline and her mother Britta asked if they learn during the holidays and how they manage time:

Mother Britta told:

“I make sure that the holidays are exempt from learning. I find it very important that the children do not have enough time to be children. In school life it is very often not much time. And with rising class it is always less. Excluded from this attitude are the summer holidays, which indeed extend over a long period of six weeks. As I look already that Pauline in the last three weeks math exercises weekly in their weakness specialist. “

Pauline, 11 years, Class 5, says:

“So I think that one should not get in the holiday, because the holidays are indeed to rest there, otherwise they would not even” holiday “hot.”

Important: parental support for learning during the holidays

When the batteries are recharged, it may be advisable to regularly deepen some school content learning during the holidays. How can parents pretend learning times, without that there is controversy?

The greatest guarantee of success is when the whole family pulls together. “It is important that the ambition of the parents does not affect the recovery time of children during the holidays. If children want to improve their own motivation, parents should support them, but possibly also slow. One should teach the children mainly that they are good, as they are, whether with worse or better grades, “says Paula Honkanen-Schoberth.

Key to success: drive, the appropriate learning environment and a sense of achievement

Also for Michael Fritz are jointly defined goals a key to success, not only for learning during the holidays: “Learning is always fun when the following three criteria are met:

Goals should be set by the child himself or herself, the child should have the desire to get better and believe in its success.

The environment should enable the child to achieve his or her learning success.

Achievements must be experienced.

► more, to how to create a learning plan, targeted learning and also rewarded properly, can be found here.

Children enjoy learning when they know that they can. If the child can not decide how and when they learn it does not work. It has no motivation to learn during the holidays, but felt frustration. One should ask the child: What is your goal? How will you reach your goal? “

But what if the child has already made such negative experiences in the classroom, such as in math that barely motivation is also yet to learn during the holidays for? “Then you can motivate the child with external incentives, such as the visit of the camp after a successful learning or other small rewards,” said Michael Fritz.

Paula Honkanen-Schoberth indicates that parents can influence the achievement of their child significantly: “Parents should be very careful to recognize yet to see the smallest steps, the performance of their children, and to praise. Already alone the fact that they are willing to learn and do is great and very worthy of recognition. Recognition is the basis of human motivation system to continue learning and to do something, such as the new brain research can prove. “

A combination of relaxation and learning is most effective

Experts support the idea of ​​learning during the holidays when the children also have time to relax during the holidays and collect life experiences. Promising is learning when children and parents establish common objectives, times and rewards. Educational learning environments as scoyo where practice children with fun and self-determined school curriculum or deepen can support learning during the holidays purposefully.

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