Jengkol For Health Benefits That May Be Over It Do not We Realize

Who does not know the people of Indonesia who jengkol? Yes, definitely we memorized generally true to form and taste these vegetables. However I’m sure not everyone knows the benefits jengkol very good for health. Although jengkol probably one of the favorite food of Indonesian society in general. But very few people know the benefits jengkol to maintain health. Therefore on this occasion I will try to discuss the benefits jengkol very good for our health.

Here Jengkol For Health Benefits If Consumed By True

Well let one by any jengkol for health benefits? But here I will only discuss the 10 benefits alone.

1. As Network Formation In The Body
Jengkol protein is very high so that the content is very good for the formation of tissues in our body. Bigfoot is able to help the formation of body tissue and is better than the protein in soybeans and green beans.

2. Can Prevent Anemia
You have a problem with frequent weak and easily tired body due to iron deficiency? The solution you begin today can consume jengkol every day with the correct portion. Jengkol The content is also very rich in iron where iron is instrumental to address the body of the lack of red blood cell production.

Especially the frequent lack of iron is for you women who are menstruating. Feel free jengkol consumption at a dosage sufficient and should not be excessive.

3. Ability to Strengthen Bones and Teeth
Bigfoot is also very rich in calcium and phosphorus. Where these two substances play an important role for the formation of bones and teeth. Then calcium and phosphorus are very useful also for people with brittle bones (osteoporosis). So if we consume jengkol correctly then the effect will strengthen our bones and teeth.

4. Jengkol Can Eradicate Free Radicals
In addition to the contents above, jengkol also very rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C. Perhaps you already know that Vitamin A serves to maintain eye health ingredients in vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. Then, Vitamin A and Vitamin C contained in jengkol also useful as antioxidants.

5. Can Overcome Heart Disease
Jengkol known as a type of food is a diuretic which this content serves to facilitate the disposal of urine. If emptying the urine smoothly then it is very good for people with coronary heart disease.

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