In less than 100 square meters modern house with 3 color geometries

In less than 100 square meters modern house with 3 color geometriesdaylight exploited to the full, open spaces, fluid passages: In a newly built complex, the apartment of 88 square meters is organized in a simple and functional. The contrasts of the three dominant colors – white, black and red – characterize the different environments, defining volumes at first glance.

A contemporary project, based on the rationality of the distribution, called the interior of the new apartment, which is essential in the choice of furnishings, technology and energy-efficient point of view. In the living area, two elements combine to emphasize the brightness: the large sliding floor to ceiling windows with aluminum frames; and clear finishes for most surfaces of the walls and floor white oak that multiplies the light. The minimalist design and furnishings, with few decorative concessions, is emphasized by very clear choices regarding color contrasts; reflective and transparent surfaces broaden perspectives visually.

Living and dining area in one open environment, are defined by the position of the furniture, no other divisions. Conversation in the island, highlighted by a dark gray monochrome and inscribed in the soft carpet, the sofa – made by the designer – becomes an element of separation from the dining area. The table in white lacquer with its round shape optimizes the use of space; the chairs transparent red olicarbonato are a contemporary reinterpretation of classic models, while the walls are hung posters in black and white New York. In the background, partially n’armadiatura-closet separates the kitchen. For air-conditioning has been made a multiplexed system, of which remain visible only the grilles. • Dining table and chairs: Regency and Parisienne Calligaris • Lamp: Sompex • Cooling System: Aermec

In the living dining area it is placed in the position closest to the windows and the balcony, so make the most of natural light. On the side wall is fixed a mobile container suspended in gloss white lacquer, and on a rectangular mirror characterized by the silver frame to baroque motifs. Outside there is a second convivial area for the summer season. • Stained-glass windows: Schüco

In the online composition èdivisa open kitchen in the middle of an element in the peninsula that defines two distinct functional areas. For a more uniform effect have been preferred, they closed spaces that highlight the strict geometry of this space.

In order to equip the peninsula on both sides, on the one hand as a snack counter and the other as a cooking area, the plan must be at least 100 cm deep. Where there are stools it should also be expected in the blank need to be comfortable with your legs. The kitchen is furnished with a composition characterized by the alternation of white and black: distributed “banded” vertical and horizontal, the two colors define the individual elements and the different functions. On the back wall are arranged the tall refrigerator and the pantry-office area. Two large work surfaces are complemented by the central peninsula which are flanked tall bar stools. • Program cuisine and red stools: Berloni • island hood: Faber • Sink: Franke • Appliances: Whirlpool
Measures in the kitchen
Whether it’s a production program or a composition made argianalmente, the kitchen usually includes some standard measures that ensure ease of use and ergonomics. The height of the base and the top is about 85-90 cm if the kitchen there is a snack area, you must complete it with more stools than chairs that are juxtaposed with a traditional dining table, typically 75 cm tall. The individual modules for the bases, with containers or compartments for the collection of household appliances, may be baggy 90, 60, 45 or 30 cm, depending on the function; the base with the sink measurement is typically 90 or 120 cm depending on the number of tanks. Even the wall units are produced in different sizes. But while the bases are 60 cm deep, the suspended elements are from 35 cm up to facilitate the movements of persons in the operating zone. Even for household appliances, finally, the standard width is 60 cm, but there are space-saving and maxi models variants. Even before the furniture, the room is furnished with color that contributes significantly to highlight the profiles and contemporary lines of the furnishings.

In the master bedroom furnishing protagonist is especially the bed, enhanced by a textile covering with graphic elements that reflect the white / black juxtaposition; lack closets because the environment is connected to a cabin closet independent. In the prevalence of clear finish stands out the red wall, color coated with a water-matte glaze. On the red wall stand out the two weekly twins with 6 drawers, with wheels and custom made. A six drawers, are still defined weekly, like the tall, narrow furniture originally equipped with seven branches, one for each day of the week. A sophisticated two-tone effect is given to the choice of black & white accessories and the pair of paintings in negative and positive. • Transparent Chair: Louis Ghost by Kartell, Philippe Starck • Flooring: Margaritelli Murals: Silkkens. In the bathroom: • Sink: Hatria • Taps: Grohe • Towel warmer: Irsap

Recessed shower: the recess is inserted shower masonry flush with the floor. The depth and volume of the recess are highlighted by the coating in light gray porcelain tiles, floor and wall: large rectangular shaped cutlery tiles up to 160 cm in height.
Oak flooring
Throughout the house the floor is covered with a pre-finished hardwood floors in large oak planks, laid so as to make the almost invisible leaks and get a continuous and uniform surface. The white color cream assumes that the wood in this case is obtained with a “bleaching” industrial process. It is in fact of a coating that is carried out, during processing, on rough wooden planks; is applied on the wood, a product, usually acrylic, that contains a quantity of pigments (in paste or ground) variable according to the white level that you want to have, more or less intense or opaque. Remain in any case the natural grain of the oak always visible. The bleaching process is completed by a finishing with transparent oil of vegetable origin and without solvents, which serves to protect and to enhance the surface of the wood.

The plan of the house project

The apartment, which has an area of ​​about 88 square meters, overlooking two opposite sides, with a large terrace from the living room, with a surface area of ​​about 25 square meters, and a balcony shallower which is instead accessed from the rooms. In defining the layout, already under construction it has opted for a very simple internal distribution and rational, with a clear separation between the living areas and bedrooms through a hallway which gives access to the bedrooms and the bathroom . As often it happens in contemporary homes, living room and kitchen were placed in an open space where everything is in view while having kept sufficiently separate the functions. The master bedroom is complemented by a walk-in closet and a bathroom for the exclusive use with shower masonry; There are also another smaller bedroom, single, and a large service environment, with a bathtub. At the center of the plant, including living room and kitchen, it was finally obtained a useful storage compartment which incorporates and also hides a key pillar of the house.

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