Iftar Better Avoid Foods That Sweet

Iftar Better Avoid Foods That Sweet

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SHORT again Ramadan. In the month of fasting, we often hear
the phrase `break your fast with sweet foods or drinks,
he said. That said, it exemplified the Prophet. Is that right?

From Anas bin Malik, he said: “It is the Messenger of breaking with
Rutab (dates are mushy) before prayer, if there are no Rutab,
then he is breaking with Tamr (dried dates), then if there is no
dried dates, he took a sip of water. (Hadith reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

Prophet Muhammad said: “If you break the fast one, then
let break the fast with dates. Suppose that you do not get it,
then berbukalah with water, then indeed it was holy water. ”

Well. Rasulullah break the fast with dates. If you do not get dates,
he break the fast with water. `Is it the same with the sweetness of dates
sweet? No. Dates are complex carbohydrates (complex
carbohydrate). Instead, the sugar found in foods or
drink sweet things that we usually consume as food
iftar, are simple carbohydrates (simple carbohydrate).

Whence a habit of breaking with that sweet? No
clear. Delusions flourish so common in society, as if
breaking fast with sweet foods or beverages is sunnah
Prophet. Well, not exactly. In fact iftar
with sweet foods filled with sugar (carbohydrates
simple) would damage the health.

From the beginning I was intrigued about this, that breaking the fast
`Disunnahkan drinking or eating sweets. short memory
I, the Prophet pointed iftar with dates or water,
not sweet.

Dates, in original condition, it is not too sweet. fresh dates
is a nutritious fruit is very high but low-calorie,
so it is not fattening (data here and here). but the date palm
that was imported into Indonesia in packs in the month of Ramadan
already in the form of `candied dates, no longer the fresh dates. candied dates
This fact plus the amount of sugar, which many times the levels in order
durable in the course of its exports. Very rarely do we find a date
imports are still original and has the form of sweets. If anything, the very
the price may be very expensive.

Why break the fast with sweet actually damage your health?

When fasting blood sugar level goes down. Dates, as
Exemplary Prophet, are complex carbohydrates instead of sugar
(Simple carbohydrates). Complex carbohydrates, to be
glycogen, so take time to be processed. Conversely, if
eating sweets, blood sugar levels will spike,
directly. Bum. Very unhealthy. If complex carbohydrates such as
The original dates, rising slowly.

Let’s talk `glycemic index (glycemic index / GI) only. glycemic
Index (GI) is the rate of change in food is converted into sugar in
body. The higher the glycemic index of the food, the faster
The food is converted into sugar, thus the body more quickly
also produces an insulin response.

Practitioners fitness or healthy lifestyle decision, it would be
avoid foods that have a high glycemic index. As much as
maybe they will eat a low glycemic index.
Why? Due to the higher insulin response of the body, then the body more
accumulating fat. Accumulation of body fat is the most avoidable

Well, if you run a day on an empty stomach, then immediately flooded
with sugar (food that is very, very high glycemic index),
so the insulin response in the body immediately jumped. With
Thus, the body will be very quick to respond to hoard fat.

I never asked about it to a Sufi by
God `ilm about health matters of human bodies. He said, when
iftar, do not eat anything first. Drink a glass of water,
the maghrib prayer. After prayers, eat rice as usual. Do not
never eat sweets, due to damage my body and make
illness .. It answers to him. Why not date? because chances
Great, dates that exist in Indonesia is `candied dates, not
The original dates. Dates candied sugar content is much folds

Why rice? LHA, rice is a complex carbohydrate. It takes time to
processed in the body, so the response of insulin in the body is not
soaring. Because the insulin response is not high, the tendency
body to save fat are also low.

This is why, a lot of people in the month of fasting which is precisely
increased fat in the fat storage areas: the abdomen,
waist, buttocks, thighs, triceps, cheeks, and so forth. That
because immediately flood the body with insulin, through eating
sweet, allowing the body to store fat, but muscle is being
shrinking because of fasting.

No wonder that our bodies during Ramadan even more visible
like `pear, full of fat in the waist area. Because the general supposition
people who thought that breaking with a sweet tooth
is sunnah, then fasting instead of nourish us. Many
the fasting month became weak, drowsy, or even
getting fat because most sugar. Because misunderstood the hadith
above, then the effect `diligent fasting = diligent breaking with sugar.

Want `Skinny

Deviated little from the topic of the blog ya. Dikit wrote.

For friends who want to be thin: do not diet (in the sense of
reduce the frequency of eating). Diet actually adds to the tendency of the body
to save the fat for `dilaparkan. When the diet is food
do not get in, but once the food comes in, the body’s tendency to
store fat from food is even greater.

Real skinny secret is to keep insulin response in
stable body, not bouncing. The trick, only eat food
which gives a low insulin response, which is the glycemic index

The body’s insulin response improved if:

(1) The higher the amount of carbohydrates eaten in one serving,
the higher the body’s insulin response (generally serving us in
Indonesia: More than 70 percent of the meal portions are

So, eat a carbohydrate fifty percent only.
The remaining protein, and 5-10 percent fat. Fat is quite fat
contained in the meat we eat, for example. or yellow
egg. No need to add oil or consuming animal fat (which
even worse effect on the body). Fat (slightly!) Still
needed to process some of the nutrients and vitamins, and for
carries nutrients throughout the body.

(2) The higher the GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates are consumed,
also increase the body’s insulin response. Hence, the only meal
GI foods are low. I’ll explain below.

(3) The sparse meal, increasing insulin response each

This is why the diet (in the sense of: reducing the frequency of meals
so thin) will never work for long term. After
complete diet, the body will actually tend to be fatter than before
diet. So that thin (read: that the insulin response is not soaring)
it should be eaten more often (4-5 times a day) but with a portion
half or a third of the usual portion, with a maximum of 50 carbs
percent each serving.

If the body’s response to insulin is stable, then the live set: if
want to be thin, the calories in must be less than calories
food needed for daily activity. Add to
regular exercise to burn excess fat in the body, and
increase muscle. Muscles need energy, then the trained muscles,
he will increasingly consume fat in our body for energy.

Conversely if you want to increase muscle (not fat) or
tighten the body, then the incoming calories should be somewhat more
of the amount of calories that we will use for activities during
day, so that the muscle growth. Muscle itself stimulated
`growth and firmness with regular exercise.
Expand protein that optimal muscle growth. carbohydrate
positioned as a provider of energy and not to glut

Funny yes: if you want thin or improve the shape of the body, including
grow muscle, it should eat more often with smaller portions.
Meal containing fat, fried, starch, or carbohydrate
simple as sugar, sweets, carbonated soft drinks and
the like that is out of the question. If we rarely eat out,
or eat irregularly and only time eating `revenge habis-
out, yes that we also jumped insulin response and makes
so the body to store fat.

Again, both when breaking the fast or in food daily,
Eat a balanced diet: 50 percent complex carbohydrates, 40-45
percent of 5-10 percent protein and fat in each portion. distracts
simple carbohydrates as much as possible. Even if they had eaten
Simple carbohydrates for quick energy need look for the value
low glycemic index.

Complex carbohydrates take time for your body converts
energy. Thus, processed foods slowly and power
gained little by little. Thus, we do not quickly
hunger and energy available for a long time, enough for the activity
a full day. Conversely, simple carbohydrates provide energy
very quickly, but will quickly run out so we easily limp.
So, when eating a meal, do not eat that much sugar,
because we will quickly limp. Eat complex carbohydrates (protein
do not forget!) so we stay energized until the time

Simple carbohydrates, high GI (energy very quickly exhausted, response
High Insulin: stimulates the accumulation of fat) are: sucrose (gula-
gulaan), sweet foods, sweets, soft drinks, sweet corn,
syrup, or any kind of food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar.
Avoid fasting or not fasting.

Simple carbohydrates, low GI (fast energy, insulin response
Low): fruits that are not too sweet like bananas, apples,
pears, and so on. Now you know, why tennis players
world, football players, basketball players or runners often seen `snacking
bananas on the sidelines? Because they need a quick energy, but
Gembul not want his body fat.

Complex carbohydrate, high GI (energy slowly, but the response
High insulin): white rice, potatoes, corn.

Complex carbohydrate, low GI (energy is released slowly so that
durable, low insulin response): wheat, brown rice, umbi-
tubers, vegetables. It’s the most sought after fitness practitioners.

Processed foods slowly (complex carbohydrates) will make
we are not fast enough hunger and energy spent on activity
one full day; low insulin response makes our bodies do not
tend to save fat.

I personally, sahur enough with oatmeal wheat (plus sugar
sedikiiiiiit), or whole grain brown bread, two or three eggs
boiled (yellow I crushed and spread out on the grass to
food ants on the home page), fresh vegetables, and water.
It was enough to make my energy does not run out until the open
fasting because the energy from complex carbohydrates (whole wheat) will
is released slowly into the body throughout the day. When breaking,
as recommended by the Prophet and Sufi said, I usually drink a glass
water, and then prayed maghrib. After prayers eat rice as usual,
as much as possible with a portion of carbohydrate-protein-fats water
proportional. And certainly not for `revenge for fasting
a day. This is precisely the time necessary to train against
the passion of lust `eat as full-kenyangny a. Learn patience.

Back to the topic.

So, I guess, “berbukalah with a sweet tooth” it is
conclusions too hastily on the hadith about breaking
above. Because sweet taste of dates, it appears the assumption that
(Sunnah) should break the fast with a sweet tooth. Eventually
This conclusion became delusional and instil a culture of iftar
wrong in society. Clearly, `berbukalah with the
Sweet was disseminated by advertising slogan aplenty
food company in the holy month of Ramadan.

However, if there are among the friends who find
clear hadith that the Prophet had instructed breaking
with a sweet tooth, please written in the comments below, yes.
I, probably also the other companions, eager to know.

Hopefully not inedible general supposition `berbukalah with sweet. Or
better yet, do not easily ingested common delusions about religion.
First check the truth.

If you want to be healthy, just follow the Prophet said: “Eat only when
hungry, and stop eating before satiety. “Also, the contents of third
stomach with food, one-third water, and the remaining third
leave it blank.

“We (Muslims) are a people who when it was hungry
then eat, and when eating until full, “said

“No one container was filled out by the Children of Adam, worse
rather than his stomach. Suffice it to him a few mouthfuls to strengthen
spine to be erect. If unavoidable,
suffice third for his food, a third for his drink,
and one third for his breath. “(Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ibn
Hibbaan in Saheeh sourced from Miqdam bin Madi Kasib)

May be useful

Wassalaamu `alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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