how yo make oil perfumed

how yo make oil perfumed


There are two types of fragrance oils, namely Oil Perfume (Natural) and Artificial Fragrance Oils (Synthetic). Natural fragrance oils are usually derived from ingredients taken from plants / herbs, parfum murah and animals. Artificial Fragrance oils are derived from chemicals.

How to Make Oil Perfume Oil Perfume and Eau De Merekacipta referred to in this lesson is a simple rules and techniques for making and merekacipta Eau De Perfume Oil. Methods and techniques used in this lesson Memorandum dibataskan only to

  • Using the herb-herb, flower of flowers and so on herbs
  • Using synthetic chemicals.
  • The techniques used are:
  • Refining
  • Extraction
  • Immersion (maceration).
  • Refining


Distillation is the process to trap the scent rather than oil from the extract derived from the raw materials to make perfume, such as chemical or herbs and plants, using a Liebig distillation apparatus. By using this apparatus, which extracts oil in the form of raw materials that can be collected earlier. Perfume trapped was mixed with Phenyl Ether Alcohol or Mineral Oil (White Oil) and fixative, then the result becomes Oil Perfume. Fixative is a material that can prevent the perfume scent easily rotten or damaged.


Extraction is the process of removing and trapping haruman than raw materials which contains scent, using a solvent called Petroleum Ether. The raw materials were dissolved in advance with Petroleum Ether in the bottle or glass jars sealed, by shaking the bottles / jars.

for half the material to be dissolved, he needs to be in Petroleum Ether weeks and bottle / let the jar is shaken two or three times a day in order to extract these materials absorb into Petroleum Ether. After that, cover the bottle / jar is opened so Petroleum Ether it can evaporate itself and stayed in the bottle was only precipitates in the form of candles scented, where deposition of wax is dissolved also with Phenyl Ether Alcohol or Mineral Oil (White Oil), and then became a fixative Oil Perfume.


The easiest technique is to Immersion. Immersion is the process of removing the scent extract and trap scent than the petals of fragrant by using a type of oil called Sweet Almond Oil. Kelopok-scented flower petals soaked with Sweet Almond Oil together with clumps of clean cotton in the bottle or jar that can be sealed, in which the dough contains jar is sealed. Then the bottle / jar dried so that it is heated by the sun for 2 days. Every two days, kelopok-petal was later removed and replaced also with petals new. This process is carried out for a month. This process requires a lot of flower petals, because every second day, petals submerged it is removed and replaced with the petals of fresh new, for a month. Sweet Almond Oil that will trap extract (oil) scent of the petals and will be attached to the cotton wadding-earlier.

Oil Used

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