How to Wash Doll Hairy

How to Wash Doll Hairy

Favorite doll can be a loyal friend to accompany the Small. However, one problem frequently encountered, dolls get dirty! The dolls are always carried everywhere need to be washed. Perhaps you ever been in this situation? She wanted to wash the little one favorite doll but think what if instead become corrupted? What if it came out during the wash?

One skill that all parents should have is how to wash stuffed with a washing machine without damaging it. We are here to help her. The following tips can wash the doll that Mrs. try.

Type Dolls Anything Can Be Washed?
First, always check the care label that is on the doll or toy your son. On this label there will be instructions for washing. If it can be washed with a washing machine, perform the following steps to ensure the best results and keep the doll that is not broken.

Before washing, first check if there are any parts that are torn, ripped, or stitches are loose on the doll. The sections are at risk of becoming increasingly damaged if washed in the washing machine. Fix first part is damaged or frayed.
If the dolls have hair made of yarn or silk, it is advisable to wrap it first with rags to protect texture. Once finished washing, she can remove the cloth and brush with a comb while still wet to restore it to its original shape.
How to Wash Dolls: Step by Step Guide
After Mrs. perform preventive measures in order to remain safe for washable dolls, now time to start washing. Do not worry, if the mother follow the steps below, doll Mother would come out of the washing machine looks like new!

Enter stuffed into the pockets of the washing machine (laundry / washing bag) for extra protection. Mom can also use a pillowcase that is not used anymore, or anything that has spaces or pores enough for water and detergent to get in, but still provide protection between the doll and the inside of the washing machine to avoid parts snagging on As long doll interrupted the washing machine.
Add Rinso Matic suite with washer Capital – Rinso Matic Top Load for opening of the washing machine and Rinso Matic Front Load washer for front opening. Note the number of the recommended dose. If excessive residues or traces of detergent may be left behind on the doll.
Select the setting for the soft material (delicate) to be protected doll and make sure to use a low temperature setting. Washed down with a high temperature can make a stain on the doll is more pervasive and stubborn will.
How to Wash Large Doll
If your baby doll is too big to put in the washing machine, do not worry because these dolls can still be washed. Mothers who need only a large-sized bucket or tub. Fill it with warm water and add detergent Rinso mother’s favorite, wash like my mother washing clothes soft. Always remember to dry in the open air and avoid the dryer. So, whatever the size, shape, material and age, she does not have to worry when washing children’s dolls.

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