How to Use Expert Manual Model in Smartphone Camera


Productivity – 1 August 2016 – by Lukman Azis

How to Use Expert Manual Model in Smartphone Camera

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The rapid development of camera technology in smartphones, did make a pocket camera, mirrorless and DSLR abandoned. In addition to more practical use, the images smartphone cameras is equally qualified. Likewise, its features are more sophisticated.

Automatic mode on the camera smartphones is allowing paket murah wisata pangandaran green canyon us take pictures quickly so as to capture impromptu moments that only the blink of an eye. However, in certain circumstances the automatic mode is not able to produce images as per our expectations. Luckily, now already widely smartphone has a camera mode manually. Therefore, the following would Jaka further pillowcase ya how to use the manual mode smartphone appropriately.

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Here’s How to Use the Right Manual Mode on Camera Smartphone

It’s hard to take good pictures with manual mode without a solid understanding of ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, White Balance and Manual Focus. So, let’s discuss one by one.

1. Set the Right ISO

Set the ISO Right

ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light levels available, and is usually cincin tunangan measured in numbers. A lower number represents a lower sensitivity to light are available, while higher numbers mean more sensitive to catch a lot of light.

Here Jaka using Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 6 to take a photo of flowers in the garden beautiful and colorful during the day with abundant light conditions. Well, you can set the lowest ISO, such as 50 or 100 to get a photo that is really very detail.

Conversely, you can also use the ISO in a rather dark place. By increasing the number of ISO, the images can be brighter. However, the higher the ISO you set it will show a lot of noise.

2. Set Shutter Speed

Adjusting Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed ​​is the duration of the camera’s shutter opens to expose the light to the camera’s sensor. The shutter speed is usually measured in fractions of seconds, the longer it lets more light into the camera sensor. So, it is very useful if you are in low light conditions and at night photography.

Conversely, you can also set a fast shutter speed to freeze moving objects. On Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 6, the fastest 1/1000 per second and the longest 32 seconds. You can also combine ISO right, to get the maximum photograph in certain circumstances.

3. Exposure

Adjusting Exposure

If you’re a fan of photography, of course, you already know what it is or the exposure triangle Triangle Exposure. Exposure itself is useful for adjusting the actual situation. So, you can adjust the colors to get the image satisfactory as expected.

4. Set White Balance

set white balance

White balance will also affect how the photograph, you also need to understand white balance to get the color photograph as accurately as possible. The reason why you have to set the white balance is due to shoot in lighting conditions change.

Thus, the objective set white balance here so that the camera detects the temperature of the light source available. So that white looks white, red looks red and green look green, or in other words so that the camera records the color of objects accurately in pencahaayan any condition.

5. Focus Manual

Manual focus

To obtain sharp images required proper focus. However, in some cases when using the auto focus sometimes obtained image blur or the wrong focus. The existence of this manual focus you can set up their own, which part would you like to focus on. It is suitable ya, for you who like macro photography or melee and photos at low light.

That’s how to use the manual mode smartphone appropriately. Sometimes automatic camera mode is not able to produce images that match expectations. However, by understanding the manual mode you can produce better photographs. Let better at it again, you can read the following article: 15+ Professional Photography Tips and Tricks Using the Camera Smartphone.

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