How to remove acne

Types of Acne and How to Overcome It


Acne is a type of skin disease that most often grow on the face and very disruptive to affect a person’s facial beauty. The types of acne that exist in the medical world is very much to be considered. Healthy skin becomes very important. Smooth face without acne may be the desire of most people. Many people feel uncomfortable and unconfident when it should be out of the house with facial acne condition.


About Acne


Acne itself is because our skin pores are clogged, triggering the growth of a kind of red bumps that contain pus. Acne is a skin disease that almost everyone has experienced it. Acne itself arises due to hormonal changes experienced by sufferers and usually appear when sufferers are menstruating, in the process of pregnancy, as well as experiencing excessive stress.


Many people believe that acne is only one kind. But apparently acne have several types, such as:


common acne


Acne biasaHampir most people have ever suffered from acne. Acne is easily recognizable because of its small and white colored reddish. This acne arises due to clogged pores and infected baktmeri Propionibacterium acne. The bacteria live in the area diprosuksinya fatty acids in the gland sac is hidden under the surface of the skin, or often referred to as nodes sebaceous.Yang need to be aware of these bacteria is because it can cause irritation to the face around.



acne Stone


Acne batuJerawat stone has a size larger than normal acne. Acne colored stones more red and inflamed. If left unchecked, cystic acne will leave scars that are difficult to remove. Or cystic acne is often called also Cystic Acne disebebkan because too much oil glands and abnormal cell growth. Classified cystic acne severe acne.




caused by matti skin cells and excess oil gland secretions. Blackheads are divided into two types namely open closed comedones and blackheads. Closed comedones look like small white bumps. While open comedones look like enlarged pores and blackened.




acne Vulgaris


Acne vulgaris is a kind of skin disorder characterized by the eruption of open comedones, closed comedones and acne, followed by skin redness and scaling. This acne usually occurs in adolescence and generally continued until adulthood. Acne can be caused by excess oil, hormonal changes, cosmetic products as well as dead skin that can not be separated as appropriate.



acne Rosacea

This RosaceaJerawat Acne usually occurs in women aged 30-50 years. At first, it will appear red pimples that may cause inflammation that can cause scales on nasal folds.



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