How To Overcome Water Kena Smartphone

How To Overcome Water Kena Smartphone – Smartphone is one of the electronic devices are quite susceptible to water. Although it has been found technologist waterproof, but considering the price is not cheap, so it’s not all smartphones using these features, especially for lower-class smartphone. Dealing with such matters, this time I will discuss the steps undertaken when the smartphone is exposed to water.

How to Solve Smartphone Hit Air

How to Solve Smartphone Hit Air

Take Off the smartphone

To avoid incoming surge and excess water, immediately grab your paket murah wisata pangandaran green canyon smartphone and turn off.

Remove the battery smartphone

The first step that must be done is remove the back cover of the smartphone and remove the battery. This step can be done for those who use manifold Removable battery.

Remove the external memory and the SIM card

In order for the drying process work better, must let loose the memory card and SIM card from its place. It is also intended that the memory card and SIM card are not affected by corrosion and make sure to keep your data safe. This step is done on peragkat with removable or non-removable battery.

Dry using material that absorbs water

One material which is absorbing the water around us is rice. To mengringkan your smartphone easy way, simply input your smartphone into a bowl of tasteless for a few hours. To be effective, you can flick your phone feedback, so that absorption is more evenly.

As an alternative, you can also dry your device in the light during the night, so that the water that is on the smartphone dries.

Turn on your device

After your smartphone is completely dry, replace the battery, SIM card, and memory card on your device. After that try to turn on your device. If successful, your smart phone will be turned on cincin tunangan and functioning normally, but if it fails immediately brought to the Service Center that is reliable.

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