How To Overcome ditambalcara treat cavities without dental treatment

How To Overcome ditambalcara treat cavities without dental treatment

Dental cavities or caries is also called a hole that occurred in the tooth which caused damage to the teeth. Caries is usually formed because of the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on the tooth surface, so that the teeth are not hollow, you need dental health care, either by check the health condition of the teeth at the dentist or by using natural materials and change the habit of consuming food or drink that can improve the risk of cavities.

In general, cavities can not be treated or cured, cavities require care from dentists to apply fluoride therapy, revoked or patched. However, research conducted by researchers experts obtained some new evidence, if cavities can be cared for at home by changing diet and tooth remineralization. Follow a few ways to treat cavities below.

How To Overcome ditambalcara treat cavities without dental treatment berlubangMenjalani florida

How to cope without patched cavities with fluoride therapy. Florida therapy is done at an early stage when the formation of holes in the teeth, because it helpful florida to repair damage done to the teeth.

Treatment with fluoride therapy uses gel, paste or solution that is applied directly just in cavities or dabbed on some sort of surface shape according to the shape of the teeth, the gel is used to coat the teeth and strengthen tooth enamel. Florida therapy only takes 3 minutes.

How to Solve Large cavities

dental crowns

How to cope with large cavities by putting a jacket or sheath to envelop the tooth which is commonly called the crown, more capable alternative ways to cope with large cavities. The dentist will be members of the teeth that have been damaged and to make dental impressions.

After that, the tooth mold is filled with material that looks like teeth, of which there are porcelain, gold, zirconium useful for making appropriate crown and can replace damaged teeth due to cavities.

Having a dental crown is ready to be used, your dentist will automatically stick with special glue on the teeth, cavities alternative way to overcome this requires a visit more than one dentist.

How to Treat cavities Naturally

Reduce consumption of foods high in phytic acid content

How to treat tooth decay naturally by reducing the consumption of foods rich in phytic acid content. Phytic acid is a major bentu of phosphorus in the plant, it would be easily found in whole grains, legumes and nuts. These foods are beneficial for the body but has a negative effect on dental health. Therefore, get used to not often consume foods high in phytic acid content.

tooth remineralization

An act that is quite important when cavities, naturally find this will help to repair her damaged teeth. You can use toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride.

Anti which are not so familiar with fluoride, toothpaste remineral can use that can be made at home using powdered calcium 5, 2 part of the growing diatoms and two parts of baking soda, three parts of xylitol powder and 3-5 parts of coconut oil ,

How to treat cavities that naturally and effectively above will help you cope with perforated teeth so the teeth do not hurt or perforated greater.

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