How to Make Your Own Goat Milk Dodo

As I’ve discussed before that one of the goat’s milk products is to make dodol goat milk. Food this one perhaps could be an alternative for those of you who want to get the extraordinary benefits of goat’s milk, but you are not so fond of drinking milk. Yes, if some people are feeling less â € ~sregâ € ™ when they want to drink goat’s milk. On this occasion we will discuss how to make goat milk dodol.
Susu kambing etawa1
how to make milk dodol dodol kambingCara make goat milk is actually no different from cow’s milk dodol. The only difference is the material milk, the milk of goats. The manufacturing process was also not berdebda. As for the ingredients you need to prepare that liquid goat milk, sugar (it is advisable to use sugar), wheat flour and glutinous rice flour. As for the levels, then it depends how much you want to make dodol the goat milk. You can think-ngiranya. What is clear, though before it was cooked seen many, if ripe dodol looks a bit because the ingredients will shrink.
Goat Milk Production Process Dodo

The process of making dodol goat milk through three stages, namely:

1. The first stage, cook goat’s milk, and curry along with it enter into it. The first process takes Susu kambing etawa about 2 and a half hours or until the milk thickens.

2. The second stage, enter glutinous rice flour and wheat flour little by little. As he entered, stir so mixed with goat’s milk earlier.

3. The third stage, which is the process of packaging if dodol already looks mature. But before it is wrapped, please allow about half an hour. After that, you can chop the dodol and wrapped with paper.

In a nutshell, that’s the steps on how to make goat milk dodol. Are you interested in trying?

Goat Milk For Breastfeeding, Is Okay?
The many benefits of goat’s milk may make some people ask if the goat milk to nursing mothers is good or not. This certainly needs to be studied in detail considering the pregnant and nursing mothers are sometimes not allowed to consume certain types of foods or beverages. Then, if the goat milk is good for nursing mothers?

goat milk to mothers menyusuiSebagian people think that eating animal milk, either cow’s milk or goat’s milk is a good thing to launch production of breast milk. However this is not entirely true. A nursing mothers are advised not to drink milk is basically milk production more smoothly, but so that the mother’s health and stamina awake. Most infant formula is mixed with a variety of compounds that can smooth milk. However, once again that the consumption of milk is not smooth because breast milk.

Back to the discussion of whether the goat milk good for nursing mothers or not, then go back to the benefits of goat milk itself. As we’ve discussed before that goat milk contains vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. A mother breastfeeding course requires nutrition and supplements are sufficient to maintain stamina and health, is more than an ordinary person. Consumption of goat milk could help meet the nutritional needs and supplement the body.

Goat milk for nursing mothers are basically okay. This is in order to maintain stamina and health of the mother. But one thing to remember, that goat’s milk not to consume excessive. Not only goat’s milk, other food was also not good if too excessive consumption. That’s a bit of our review of the goat milk for nursing mothers.

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