How To Make Pleated plisket

Appropriate design and texture folds fabric plisket can be classified into one type of textile fabric impressed by the unique and exclusive. Based on the technology of its manufacture, grosir baju muslim surabaya murah the technique used to create plisket fabric itself can be broadly divided into two kinds, namely by means of manual and automatic machines.
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One of the most fundamental thing that distinguishes them is the time it takes to make the fabric plisket Most machine is relatively faster than the manual way. Although the shape of the fabric produced from the manual method or the manpower is not much different.

Make Pleated plisket With How To Manual
Pour into a drug plisket spraying without added water.
Plisket drug spray on fabric.
To create a pleated plisket the exact same magnitude companions could Fitinline mensiasatinya to create auxiliary lines prior to the fabric.
Use a hot iron to form a crease in the fabric of the desired size.
For thin materials such as georgete or chiffon give a layer above the erro fabric or cloth.
Keep folding and ironing the fabric until the last end.

Make Pleated plisket Machine
Insert the fabric into the machine is running.
When the fabric is in, will automatically be folded cloth by a knife then passed three pieces of heating rollers were already covered with a cotton cloth.
It is intended that the fabric diplisket no direct contact with the roller.
This stage requires a roll of paper in the form of the paper which can be rolled up and used repeatedly as a feeder / carrier fabric in order to get into the machine at once coatings that are resistant to heat or high temperatures.
The tool penggulungnya usually one package with the machine, the distance between the folds can be set themselves depending on the purposes.

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