How to Make Accordion Pleat Skirt

As we all know accordion pleat skirt is a skirt women who have many permanent folds neatly striped narrow and created by stitching or ironed using special chemicals. jual kaos BM To know the technique of making accordion skirt more details Fitinline friend can listen to the discussion that follows.
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The first step that must be done to make the accordion pleat skirt is preparing a piece of textile fabric and modify texture into folds. The formula can be used to calculate the length of fabric needed based on the number and size of pleated logically can be described as follows.

Eg waist circumference = 80 cm
The width of the pleated be created = 4 cm, a depth of 2 cm pleated (meaning it took 4 cm to tekukannya)
Total pleated = ceil (80/4) – 1 = 19 Pleated (ceil means rounding up)
Pleated overall width = 19 x 4 = 76
This means that it takes the fabric along 80 + 76 = 156 cm.

Use a hot iron and Drug plisket to form folds in the fabric of the desired size. Keep folding and ironing the fabric until the last end.
Once all parts of the fabric folded to arrange a meeting next perfect the right edge and the left edge of the fabric as shown below. If necessary embed a pin to hold the position in order not to shift.
Adjust the fold position to look symmetrical connection part then sewing the fabric using a sewing machine. Lastly attach the zipper and waistband on one side of the fabric that has been continued.

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