How to choose Parfum

How to choose Parfum

Many people are mistaken in choosing and using perfume or fragrance other, a result of course, makes the people around him uncomfortable, even also can decrease mood work on yourself meereka itself. Whereas if the selection and proper use of perfume was a lot of positive effects that can be obtained.


  1. Lightly spray

Apply perfume at certain points like; neck, wrists and behind the ears. These areas emit heat diffusing or emitting aroma. Do not spray too much, just one or two drops of perfume, or three to five spray eau de perfume / eau de toilette. If too many apply, you can reduce the fragrance by wiping the area with a damp cloth or a little sprinkling of baby powder.

  1. Aroma Younger

“You can try the fragrance of flowers such as orchids or a blend of lavender mixed with musk or perfume that comes from wood” as expressed by Laurent Le Guernec, a senior perfumer at International Flavors and Fragrances for soft fragrance.

  1. Repeats

If you want to attend an event after a long day outside all day, it is better not conduct spraying perfume repeatedly. How to keep the fragrance perform without making the smell became redundant is by rubbing body lotion in the area you want. This will make the fragrance last skin and does not evaporate.

  1. Aroma in Office

If you are a career woman, probably never thought whether it is appropriate to use the perfume in the office? as expressed by Alan Hirsch, M.D., founder of the Smell-Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. For those who worked all day in the room, they would be more convenient to smell the scent of baby powder, while the fragrance of green apple and cucumber will help reduce anxiety in the work.

  1. Substitute Perfume

Compared to wear fragrances throughout the body, you better wear body lotion from the collection of certain perfumes. In addition to smoothing the skin, the formula is made to seep into the skin so that the fragrance last longer. You could try: Burberry Body Milk, Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Body Lotion.

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