How sanded and painted wooden floors

How sanded and painted wooden floorsCut, impregnated and polished wooden floors provide an airy and pleasant warm surface. They resist wear and are suitable for rooms with more traffic (living rooms, hallways, etc.).

Polished hardwood floors are easy to maintain and wash it occasionally burnished through the introduction wax polish. If the surface is worse předrátkujeme floor in the direction of the wood fiber with fine steel wool harga lantai kayu surabaya, soaked in mineral spirits. This will remove remnants of the old wax and then again By starting with the floor. If we find small scratches, we use a paraffin wax and apply it to the damaged sites cloth. For larger scratches wax crayons are suitable to be used on furniture or areas can be sanded and newly painted. If you want to avoid even minor scratches floors, we must often sweep.

sanding floor

Before sanding promptly review boards. Cracked or damaged and must be replaced immediately. If you are between the boards large gaps, the boards must be removed and re-lay. Pliers pull all the nails and carpet připínáky. Then check the nails that attach the boards to the pads. We fasten all protruding below floor level either a punch or a strong nail with a sawed-off tip. In particular to ensure that protruding nails and bursting the sanding belt.

Thus prepared first floor sanded floor sander. Surface compare the best use of medium coarse and coarse sandpaper. Then we use fine sandpaper to perfect smoothing. On the floor region, we will need a small hand grinder, because with great we get to certain places. If somebody does not even hand sander (irremovable obstacles), we can help with simple hand scraper.

Grinding machine is dust extractor with dust filter, but still need vacuuming the floor and wipe with a wet cloth. Especially when there is sanding dust extractor fully removed. Before filling the floor, then let it dry completely.

floor Covering

After sanding the floor we paint for greater wear resistance and ease of cleaning. There are two basic types of floor coatings. The first is a coating based on polyurethane. Creates a transparent, glossy or matte finish (according to the type) on the surface. Second, olejopryskyřičný seeps into the wood and adds a glossy surface, excellent resistance to scratching. Both species after application of a slightly darker color of the wood. If we wanted a greater degree of discoloration, use a stain before painting or colored paint.

The top layer is applied when the floor is clean and completely dry. For greater efficiency it is good to use multiple layers. Each let dry for 12 hours.

If you do not own tools (grinder) for grinding plank floors, we can rent it at the rental tools. There we will also provided with abrasive materials. Overnight loan should suffice to prepare a relatively large area. Besides grinders we need protection dust mask, hand scraper, hammer, pliers and punch. With these tools and materials, we are able to treat the surface of the floorboard and prepare it for painting.

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