hip pain during pregnancy

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phrases like “it hurts the pubic area,” English hurt me “,” I have pain in the hip “or” lower back hurts “they are very common among pregnant women. They all encompass what is medically known as pelvic pain.

The pelvic pain is a common symptom of pregnancy. It can be sharp or continuous, and may appear in early pregnancy or in more advanced stages. It can be located in the area of ​​English in the lower abdomen or back, and usually disappears after childbirth, but in some cases can last up to a year later. No need to worry thinking that may complicate pregnancy, but it is very annoying should seek help from a professional.

As explained extensively in anatomy classes of course to childbirth preparation, the pelvis is basically formed by two large bones, which are linked together ahead through the symphysis pubis, and back through the sacrum .

pelvis-mater-trainingLa most common form in which this type of pain receives the name “symphysis pubis dysfunction,” which occurs in about 4% of pregnant women is presented. In this entity pain occurs when the pubic symphysis just palpate (the joint where two bones meet anteriorly by very strong ligaments). The most common symptoms are pain in the pubis and in English, but it can also spread to the inner thighs or back. It usually occurs in the third quarter, and typically lasts a month after delivery. It may be a nuisance or be so disabling that stop you walk.

The cause of pelvic pain is usually the pregnancy itself. It is mainly due to two factors: firstly, to a hormone called relaxin that is intended to relax the joints to facilitate future delivery. And on the other hand, the mechanical factors of pregnancy, that is, to the weight and pressure from the baby and uterus on the bones of the pelvis.

The pain is caused by excessive movement of the bones, but no one knows exactly why some women hurt them and others do not. What we do know is that if the pregnancy itself we added a number of risk factors increase the likelihood of pain. So, if you increase too much weight, you have a previous problem of lower back, much load weight, it has not been more than a year after the previous pregnancy, or perform impact exercise will give you more numbers joining the group of pregnant women in suffer.

Some tips to relieve pain are:

– Use a lap belt or sash to help stabilize the hip.

– Perform exercises aimed at improving the stability of the pelvis and back, and that in our class “exercises for a healthy pregnancy,” explained in detail.

– Make some rest

– Apply local heat (heating pad or hot water bottle for example)

– Do not gain weight.

– Avoid being long in the same position, either standing or sitting.

– If you have to sit for labor issues, go straight leaning back on the back and not cross your legs. And if you spend a lot of time standing, it is advisable to support a foot and the other alternately on a flat object.

If these basic measures pain does not improve, it is important to consult with your doctor, who may prescribe you some pain medicine and recommend perform physiotherapy. This, performed correctly and routinely been shown to improve much this kind of pain, helping to properly mobilize the joints and strengthen the pelvic muscles. And although less scientific evidence, but no less effective, I also recommend to my patients alternative therapies such as acupuncture or reflexology.

And remember that something fundamental is care during pregnancy. Physical exercise, a healthy diet and do spend some time to rest will help you live this wonderful stage of a much more manageable form.

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