Halloween Art Projects – Polymer Clay Candy Corn



Making sweet corn out of polymer earth is entirely simple and it is a fabulous venture for pretty much any age bunch. These little polymer earth sweet corns are so adorable and are extraordinary for adding to a wide range of improvements and different things. You could utilize them to adorn things like edges, magnets, candles or notwithstanding to add to scrapbooking pages.

Supply List:

– Polymer dirt (yellow, orange, white) – I ordinarily utilize the Sculpey brand

– Clear acrylic sealer (discretionary)


1. Warm up every shade of dirt by rolling and massaging it until it feels delicate. Presently roll every shading out until it’s around 1/4″ thick. Presently press the three rolls together with white on top, orange in the center and yellow on the base.

2. Locate a slim, sharp edge, for example, a meager bit of cardboard to use to cut through the earth. With the white on top, make calculated slices through the earth. You are attempting to make triangular molded pieces with the white being at the little tip and the yellow at the more extensive base.

3. Presently to give them a more completed look, smooth and round the edges. Presently the treat corn is done. Before you prepare them choose in the event that you are going to abandon them as plain confection corn or on the off chance that you might want to transform them into catches, studs, or possibly a jewelry pendant.

4. To make catches, simply jab two openings amidst the orange earth. Presently the catches are prepared to heat. To make hoops, you will require eye sticks and stud snares. Jab the eye binds straight from the highest point of the confection corn. At that point press the dirt around the pin so it will hold. Presently the studs are prepared to heat. To complete your hoops, append the stud snares. You may need to utilize needle-nose pincers. To make a pendant, jab an eye pin into the sweet corn as portrayed for the studs. Presently the pendant is prepared to heat.

5. Prepare your treat corn manifestations as per the bundle. I heated mine for around 10 minutes at 275F which functioned admirably.

6. (Discretionary) After the sweet corns have cooled, you could shower them with acrylic sealer to make them lustrous and have a more finish look. This may take a couple of hours to dry totally.

The above proposals are only a couple of thoughts for how you could utilize these adorable dirt sweet corns. Pause for a moment and consider other fun and imaginative ways you could utilize these little embellishments. On garments or on an outfit? In a table setting for a gathering? Perhaps on a toss pad? There are such a large number of conceivable outcomes for these little sweet corns.

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