Guwenhua Jie – Where Shopping Meets Folk Culture and Arts



Tianjin is one of the greatest and crowded urban communities of China set towards the upper east of the nation pressed with an awesome cluster of shopping decisions. From interesting to cutting edge, spending plan to upscale and plain road sellers to astonishing shopping centers, shopping in Tianjin can be both energizing and thrilling.

So what are the best shopping areas in Tianjin? They incorporate Friendship Department Store, Parkson Shopping Center, Jinhui Shopping Square, Shenyang Dao Antique Market. You will likewise discover general stores of retail goliaths on the planet like Wal-Mart and Carrefour in Tianjin. Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for a more social measurement to flavor up your shopping background then go to the Guwenhua Jie otherwise called the Ancient Culture Street.

Guwenhua Jie keeps running on the west bank of Haihe River and is situated in the Nankai District of Tianjin. It is a road with a rich history crossing six centuries. Guwenhua Jie was remodeled and extended in the 1980s and formally opened in 1986. The road straddles about a large portion of a kilometer beginning from Gongbei Avenue and completion at Gongnan Avenue. Right amidst this road is the acclaimed Taoist sanctuary known as Tianhou Palace committed to the Goddess Tianhou.

A walk around the Ancient Culture Street of Tianjin will take you to the heart of Chinese engineering as the road is overflowing with customary structures and stylistic layout. Some of its structures are hundreds of years old and are secured in striking canvases and themes. The well known Chinese red light stuns all through the road assembled in trims before shops and canopying the road. You will likewise see some fine painted dirt models clad in striking ensembles, making different postures and expressions.

Simply strolling along Guwenhua Jie won’t be sufficient since you will miss a considerable measure on the off chance that you don’t look at its incalculable shops. The road is entirely renowned among local people and travelers for society creates, and maybe a couple shops as well as several them offering a heap of conventional crafted works.

While gathering your pull of keepsakes and blessings remember to chase for some conventional depictions and painted figures. What’s more, that is not all. The road is likewise stuffed with Chinese knick-knacks, wonderfully outlined stonewares and jade works among other tasteful specialties.

In any case, by what means would you be able to proceed with your shopping spree on a void stomach? Guwenhua Jie is not about people makes, as there is a large group of mouth watering nearby snacks and beverages holding up to be appreciated by you. Among them you unquestionably should experiment with the Tianjin’s gourmet specials like Goubuli Baozi and Erduoyan Zhagao. Goubuli Baozi means steamed stuffed bun while Erduoyan Zhagao truly implies Ear-opening Fried Cake. Both will bring you wonderful flavors and dissolve in your mouth as you crunch on.

Drop by on March 23rd and you can even appreciate the soul of Huanghui Fair that results in these present circumstances road consistently on this day. There will be gigantic and hypnotizing mythical serpent lamps, tricks of stilt walkers, amazements of area water crafts and entrancing lion moves. Make certain to have your camera prepared and eyes opened wide to catch each minute.

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