Fortelock – quick floor

Fortelock - quick floorFortelock is really fast. Both names under which floor we can only find on the internet well, be well defined. “Fortelock” – hard lock and “quick floor” define the speed and convenience of installation and quality of special lock. I first heard about it on television in the show D-Day more than two years ago. And I thought that I wanted to try it, it looks good and exactly would solve my harga lantai kayu murah bad concrete floor in the garage.

Repair spallings floor

He escaped two years and I decided to finally do something about the floor I have to do. Dust everywhere and sometimes nearly twisting leg. Scrape maps on the floor could be swept to infinity. What I liked so much time ago, I decided to try live. I went then for the manufacturer. I hated Shoot pig in a poke, and this one hare I wanted to see live. Material, color, quality and workmanship convinced me. From a pig in a poke became the floor, which I drove home.

The granular material heats up and pressed under huge, několikatunovým pressure. The resulting cake is very strong and accurate, locks in fits and gaps are hair or no.

Floating and fast

I love quick and simple solutions that can handle even a layman. For example, ground screws from Krinera. Fortelock tiles are its simple installation for laymen and anybody actually determined. The floor is designed as a floating, i.e. not fixedly connected with the base or walls. If we need in rented spaces or changing the layout, it can easily take it with you or vice versa area to expand or adapt to the new space. We are moving an office, workshop or apartment, where the floor is laid, we easily without tools dismount and use elsewhere. Multiple folding mechanism does not lock the floor and their strength any influence.

For workshop and apartment

On the old and new concrete floors, the floor is ideal. However, only fit into the working operations, such as workshops or warehouses, but also in the private sector. Well exploits in the utility room with washing machine and boiler or in the cellar. Moisture her mind and her ingenious grooving on the underside could distract her. The joints are very tight, but in the possible flow through the floor without problems dries.

Stork lost a tile, the color of the paint

The color range is rich and varied, and the man enjoyed playing with it. We can stack it with color to monochromatic surfaces or even in fancy colored chessboard, using various colors can create a simple pattern or color zones. This is a good example in the garage for the creation of the center lane guidance. The surface structure is in two versions, diamond or leather. The basic tile size is 510 x 510 mm.

Laying laity allowed

DIY man quite a few saves. Just meter gavel and saw, suddenly come in handy. You lay a few tiles and you feel that it goes and you’re wondering where you could still throw the floor.

Even for simple installation, there are some basic rules:

In the old floor is needed to fix large holes. Top proper leveling squeegee. The substrate is well primed. Fine dust would then from the floor should not be released. Prepared substrate must be coherent. Good for seasons installation saves material.

Puzzle for floor – Principles of Installation

Always a minimized waste. So we can start in the middle of the room and proceed to the sides or grab the longest straight wall and slowly proceed series after series on the other side. It always depends on the space. Ideally, when you come to complete the entire tile or less than half that of a tile width is gone to do two. We’ll think well, where we use slip edges. After laying the basic series compare it towards other walls using a mallet and settles toward the sides of the other tiles. Finally, we can measure exactly along the walls width is, niches, alcoves or other obstacles. Their precise alignment use a sharp cutter or a jig saw. There will use mainly for cutting round holes or other curvature.

Expensive or cheap?

Floor tiles Fortelock cost per square meter as much as better quality tiles. On top of this, however, necessary to add craftsman for installation, adhesive and grout. During the shoot we thought area of ​​45m2. In two we certainly managed to watch, but refrained myself taking pictures and details. Some time width is collected. To sum it up in two hours would be laid. Laying such areas, which we thought would be a classic tile lasted about two to three days with the pairing. Multiply the price of tile surface and suddenly the price Forteloku looks against the entire tile installation quite favorably. On an interesting comparison table parameter of each floor, their durability and reparability search here.

Resistance – beware falling hammer

Testíček. One fundamental difference between Fortelock tiles and, of course, endurance and flexibility. Especially if it is a workshop, often threatens to make something falls. From the height of two meters, I dropped the hammer a few times, then I let go of several ten-pound dumbbell from the feet and the result? Floor unaware of it. In the case of paving the outcome would probably clear. Its durability is so suited Fortelock example to gyms or very busy hallway or dressing rooms. Thanks to the non-slip surface is safe. The floor is warm, not that literally drowning, but is warmer than conventional tiles, also walking is not so hard. In the case of possible damage to the replacement tile matter of minutes.

Technical details

Tile size is 51 x51 cm. Net dimension when connecting two neighboring locks tiles 50x50cm size 10 pcs ie 2.5 m2, tile height of 7 mm. Color and pattern track tiles may be tried on a simple configurator. As for maintenance, it is sufficient to merely wipe the floor or sweep. This is true even in winter when the car can be clogged with salt and pebbles.

I have the floor for a year

From her laying promised article and your personal experience. It is true that the article should be finished in the fall, but preferably is about half a year longer testing for normal operation of the garage. The result is that you feel that you have laid the floor yesterday (ie when to sweep and collect it here and there fallen screw driver or ticket from the parking lot. Do I need to make this work well plaster on the walls). Its manufacturer specified life and load capacity is incredible. On wear up to 12 years. If you come to the floor to praise too much, you’re right, but if you take it, I think I will not speak otherwise. Or look at it one of the sales.

Tip – floor not only on the floor

Fast floor but its part stands up not only on the ground. If you need a workspace for your hobby or art, just a few tiles put on the table, olištovat and you have a very robust and effective area (I sometimes use it as a basis for photographing the details of anything), the same applies to the sales counters. Its use is also possible on the steps of the stage and podium. Then it should be necessary transitions and connections complete with plastic or aluminum transition and corner profiles.

If you need a solid, non-slip surface on the loading floor of the car or truck, you can also use Fortelock.

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