Featuring floor oil Remmers

Featuring floor oil RemmersFor the protection and treatment of wood can be used synthetic means, but there is a growing popularity enjoyed preparations on a natural basis. Brand Remmers offers oils and waxes to protect the quality of wooden floors and wooden furniture. What are the areas of application of these products, how they behave and what qualities to offer our floor or furniture?

Wood is a natural material requires care. For wood floors, stairs and furniture is a decisive factor in the life of the investment to finish. One option is to use oils and waxes, which gives it durability, extend its life and protects it against mechanical wear and to bring out the beauty of wood. The advantage is the easy recovery of the layer which is in contrast to the paint possibly locally.

Oil and wax products are made from natural ingredients, which makes it ideal for use just on the surfaces of natural materials.

Aidol Hartwasch-ol

Aidol Hartwasch-ol is an agent based on natural oils with lead-free driers, which is used for the treatment of wooden floors, floor, stairs, panels, moldings and wooden furniture. The floor surface leaves a silky matt, and because it does not close the pores, allowing the wooden surface to breathe.

The composition is easy to process, which saves time. We are saving money because of its longevity and durability. The surface itself repels dirt, so saving for subsequent maintenance floors or other wooden surfaces.

If we want to paint applied retrospectively, we do not have to worry about unwanted transitions between the original and the new layer. Even at partial surface coating works aesthetically. The coating is possible without preparation.


This is a one-component sealing wax based on a mixture of wax and oil. It is mainly used for the treatment of stairs. On the surface, it forms a resistant film which protects and highlights the structure of the wood.

For treatment of floors

For oiled and waxed wood floors and stairs must choose the proper nursing care. For these purposes, it is suitable Aidol Hartwachs Polish – cleaning concentrate with wax emulsions. We use it for initial cleaning and subsequent maintenance. Means producing on the surface a thin protective layer of high-quality waxes and protects the floor from wear.

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