Eggless Cake Recipes For Vegetarians

Does egg stopping you against experiencing the soft and luscious taste of cake, this is a solution we’ll discuss couple of eggless cake quality recipes. These easy cake quality recipes are simple to follow yet highly scrumptious. Take a look at our simple cara membuat kue quality recipes and bake your egg less cake without compromising on quality or taste.

Eggless Fruit cake

Butter /margarine 100gm

Sugar 150gm

flour 200gms

Apple, pineapple, Orange Chopped to small pieces: 2 cups

Raspberry, cherries, dried grapes, walnuts 300 grams

Milk 200ml

Flakes 100grams

eggles cake

Steps to make:

1.Melt the butter inside a pan.

2.Mix flour and milk inside a bowl

3.Add butter and blend completely for an even mixture.

4.Grease oven tray

5.Sprinkle flakes and 50 gm. sugar.

6.Pour the mix evenly within the tray, Press all fruits pieces and sprinkle sugar over berries.

7.Bake it within the pre-heated oven at 225 levels Celsius for around half an hour.

Eggless Chocolate Sponge cake


1/2 can of condensed milk (200gms)

2 3/4 glasses of plain flour (250gms)

40 grams cacao

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate (soda bi carb )

2 teaspoons icing sugar

1/2 cup butter melted (60gms)

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

100 ml milk

100 ml Coke


1.Sieve flour, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, cacao altogether two to three occasions. Keep aside.

2.Pour condensed milk inside a bowl. Add butter and beat till it become smooth mixture.

3.Add some flour spoon by spoon, mixing in to the condensed milk mixture.

4.Add milk as needed when the butter starts not to become stiff.

5.Once all of the flour can be used. Add some coke and blend lightly till smooth.

6.Pour the batter right into a greased cake container

7.Pre-warmth oven to 300 levels Celsius.

8.Put the cake container inside. Bake at 200 levels Celsius for five-7 minutes after which at 150 levels Celsius till to control your emotions (35 to 40 minutes).

9. Invert on wire rack. Awesome completely prior to doing icing or serve warm with tea.

Now baking a scrumptious cake isn’t a tough task. Try any simple cake Chocolate Quality recipes in the beginning when your hands is placed try different easy cake quality recipes from cake quality recipes blogs making soft, soft and attractive cake. Cakes are simply perfect for the occasions. Try different tastes and types and relish the dessert.

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