Definition and history glamour girls

the history of glamour girls

The term glamour girls or belongs to an anglicized (which in turn comes from a French word) that references to those objects or materials that are extraordinary and protruding from its surroundings and later is call glamour girls.

The origin of the concept is a variation of the English term “grammar” that during the seventeenth century was used to designate the sages who practiced occult and magical arts.

Later, the term was varied to the way that we today know and during the eighteenth century began to be used to refer to certain magic spells that caused a condition in the visual perception of an individual, getting to see certain objects in a much more attractive as they really were.

osteriormente the concept was receiving various connotations; until from the nineteenth century it went on to refer only to distill what beauty or elegance in a romantic way.

If we look for the term in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) we find that is related to the sensual charm that fascinates, meaning that it could be linked to a beauty that is sophisticated and elegant.

glamour girls

the begin glamour girls

This concept became very popular between the 1930s and 1950s to refer to the way they dress and live in certain people, using as reference the appearance of several Hollywood stars celebiry who really look glamour girls who left look with hairstyles and clothing couture product work of prestigious hairdressers, makeup artists, designers and dressmakers, allowing them look very stylish and attractive.

This model of beauty is associated with luxury and refinement. A glamour girls wearing clothes usually of great value, use jewelry and attend high society events. Thus, glamor differs from the simplest and everyday beauty, which would be represented by ordinary women who do not invest large sums of money on makeup or do not have enough time to get ready time and place before heading out to the street.

Finally, note that Glamour is a magazine for women published monthly since 1939 in the United States, originally called Glamour of Hollywood. This magazine is distributed in Spain, France and United Kingdom, among other countries.

In the environment of fashion the term is used to describe the attractive features present in the fashion of a particular era in which it was given great importance to the intrinsic beauty and style and that allowed let arise attitudes like excess, vanity , sexual and passionate attraction.

Other uses of the term glamour girls

We can also find the concept in other art forms such as architecture, drama, film and photography, but always referring to something flashy and generally expensive.

It is known as glamor photography photographic art that combines eroticism and elegance. These images suggest more than they show, thanks to the combination of makeup, lighting and use of certain objects or items placed in strategic locations (eg, to cover the breasts of women).

In architecture, for example, it is used to illustrate those constructions that contain a particular elegance and beauty, especially often used to refer to those buildings that come from the period Baroque, Romantic and Modernist; where buildings allow us to understand the privileges of the aristocracy and try to approach a supernatural view of things, rejecting all worldly art show.

Usually it is reflected in political buildings, palaces, theaters, skyscrapers and homes of people who belonged to the moneyed class. It is noteworthy that within the architectural glamor can be found differences in styles where everyone is given a name; some of these are Mannerism, Rococo, and Neoclassicism Flamboyant, among others.


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